Monday, May 25, 2009

Hurricanes vs Chiefs

On Friday the semi final started.With the Hurricanes Vs Chiefs.I new it was going to be a good match.It was held at Waikato stadium.

back with there amazing try by the The Hurricanes kicked of the game.The hurricanes got the first try by Ma'a Nonu.That was a great try because the loose ford did a quick pass to Ma'a Nonu and Ma'a nonu got the try leaving Piri'weepu to do the drop goal.And he got it in leaving the score seven nil.But the Chiefs striked chiefs captain. It was a really great run away.After that the Hurricanes had a chance to get back at them with a drop goal.And piri'weepu got it in.The score was ten to seven.But the chiefs steel didn't give up they got one more try and they got the drop goal. When it was nearly full time the hurricanes tried there hardest to get back in to the game but the bell went of  and the game was over.14 to 10. It was a sad day for the hurricanes and a happy day for the chiefs.

So there is great new for the chiefs who is in the final. and sad new for the hurricanes who are not going to the final.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The first day of school for Term 2 was on Monday the 27 of April. Our topic was Dino-might.We were having an Immersion Assembly in the hall. Team 1,Team 2,Team 3 and Team 4 teachers organised it to help us learn about dinosaurs.

When the first Team came up they were holding signs that said "We, are, not, extinct, yet".
Team 2 was dancing to a movie. It wasn't really that fascinating. Team 3 was amazing because they
were looking for dinosaur bones.Team 4's movie was alright because they were in the jungle looking for dinosaurs. At the beginning of assenbly Mr Burt was Cracker the Caveman and Mr Jacobson was a flying dinosaurs.

What I liked about the assembly the best was the cave man. because he was hitting people on the head.