Friday, April 27, 2012

My holidays

In the holiday's I had allot of fun. The first day of the holiday's was really cool because  I went with Shawn and his dad in his truck to Hamilton. I was very nervous going because I didn't no what time I would get back to Auckland. Once we were on the motorway, that was when I got really nervous but also really excited to. The nervous part of me went when I called up my home and said that I was heading down to Hamilton, and that was when I got my hopes up.

After a while at the road we finally made it to our first Countdown.We took about 5-10 minutes to unload. In between that time I went into the actual countdown to by me a bag of chips because I was starving.Once we left the countdown we went to was Cambridge about a 5 minute drive from Hamilton.

When we were driving back I saw all the super car racing tracks.It was cool to see it because I was wondering what day the cars were racing.We stoped at a local fish & chip shop to stop for something to eat.When we were driving back to Auckland Me and Shawn had a little sleep until we got back to our hometown. It was really cool and I would really like to do it again.
This is my mihimihi about my personal life. Hope you enjoy