Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Red Robin Hood

This is a made up fariy tale that is mixed with Robin Hood and Little Red riding Hood combinded to make Little Red Robin Hood.

once upon a time there was a little boy called Robin . He had a red cape and a basket full of bow an arrows.One day hid dad Big Red Robin Hood gave him some food to Old Red Robin Hood who lived in a castle in the forest. So off went Little Red Robin Hood.

As he went strolling along the path he saw eyes looking at him. He got his bow and arrows out ready to shot it.It came out of the bush,it was staring at him ."Ahhh" Shouted Little Red Riding hood as he dashed quickly to thwe castle.The bear took an short cut there

When Red Riding Hood arrived at the castle the gardes said "you my enter". Robin went in. After 2000 steps up o the kings room he saw an funny looking elevater."Ohhh" he grund. I shold of taken the elavater to grandad's room!

Then he opened the door to see that his grandad was fighting the bear that he saw in the forest. Robin Hood got the gaurds to demolish the bear.

After a couple of minutes the bear had finaly went to the zoo to get tought some manners. That was the of the bear. When he was gone Robin and old robin hood had a big feast and celebrated a happily ever after.

NZ Moari Vs England

On Wednesday the 23rd of June New Zealand Maori had a big match against England. The Final winning score was 35 to New Zealand Maori and 28 to England.It was a good game.

The Commentators said "here is New Zealand Maori please take your way to the Field so off they went new Zealand Maori went .

After the national Mathian The NZ Maori got ready to do the haka.
The game kicked of were it was England who did it. On of the NZ Maori received the ball.He run with the ball in tell he got thumped onto the ground.They spend the ball out all the way to the winger. RICO GEAR!!!! He run and run he bumped a person of and then TRY!!! The crowd went wild . England was shocked. But when one of the England's player had the ball he was gone.

At half time the score was 12-16.
.I did not watch the second half but I no that NZ did as Proud. Wait ago NEW ZEALAND!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After 45 to 75 days they hatch into baby turtles. These small creatures lay their eggs where they were born and lay them at night time. Most turtles swim to shore to lay there eggs and some turtles do not swim to shore to lay there eggs. They always lay there eggs on sandy shores.

This is my movie about turtles.
Hope you enjoy.