Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Athletics Day!

Yesterday on a raining and also sunny day we had or eastern zone tornarment.The schools in the interzone were Panmure District,Baradine(a girl school) ,St Thomas , Sacred Heart ,Dilworth , Tamaki Intermidate ,Stan Hope, Sylvia Park,Ellerslie school and of course Point england school.

The events of the day were high jump, discus, shot put, long jump sprints and relays.I got to compete in only one of the event and that event was relays.That was the first but last event for me for the day.

It was time for the relays junior group to race.In my group was Matthew T,Joe,Devyen and Me.We were in the forth lane and i was the thrid runner to sprint and I was nervous.

“Ready set Bang” the gun shoot up into the air as Matthew ran the first bend.Running and running coming secound then passed the baturn to Devvyne then he was like running his hardest (he lead us to victory).He passed the next baturn to me And I put the gas.I run as hard as I could it was like my legs were going to drop. I quickly gave it to joe and then he ended the Victory for us.We were Jumping for joy.We are still waiting for our result to see if were going to the interzone.But l think we did.

Thanks to Tomjoe for reading my work.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day and night

This is my blog post about how day and night occur.
Thanks to Jordan and Sione who checked my work

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

War story

war story
AHHH” It was devastating to see five of my men down and Two soldiers left. as i was going to base i saw a man run up to the barbed wired fence, he twas going to throw a grenade “Ohh no”.I quickly Shot him not noticing i had only a built left. he was still alive, then he throw the grenade NO. I had a pocket knife so i tried to throw it i missed ohh no.

“BOOM!!!!”All of my men were dead.I was looking for a gun so i can kill the man who throw the grenade.I saw a man coming up to me. i hoped it was some to come to my safety but it was just the man who throw the grenade.ohh no i could not do anything because i was hurt.He took me hostage.