Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Kindness

Wow! I thought as the helpers and children were making the tents.It was Wednesday and I was ready to go to camp to have fun and learn new things to do.

Our first destination was skate land. I was really excited and ready for a skating race.When I got my skates on the owner of skate land our roller skates were on properly.I was on the courts when some one went zooming past so I went to go and skate.

What I learnt was when ever we get onto the courts is to not go really fast on there. But one of the things that I liked was laugthing at Matthew as he kept on falling over.

The next thing that I liked was camp cooking.What I liked about it was roasting the damper and eating it. Well my one did not roast but Matthew's did. It was really good cooking.But the only thing was when I took my filling out.It was BLACK !

What learnt a good lesson not to put my cooking into the fire.

The last thing that I liked was ten pin bowling.I really liked it because I my not have got any strikes but I got heaps of spares. I came fourth in my group out of the hole ten rounds. When it was my turn I rolled it to the sides thinking I may get a strike but the only thing was it was bouncing on the sides so it only got about three down.

I really enjoy this years camp but i think that last years was a little bit more better.I can not not what for next years Year 7 camp!