Friday, February 17, 2012

The treaty of Waitangi

February the 6th 1840 the treaty of Waitangi was signed.The treaty was made to stop all the fighting going on against the Maori’s and European’s for their land.

The Three P’s stand for Protection, partnership,and participation. The first P, protection means the Maori’s and European’s protecting the land.Partnership is one of the big words because the Maori’s and Europeans were fighting to much,so partnership meant to them they have to co-op together to sign the treaty.And the last p participation is sort of like the same as Partnership.

Over 500 Maori people signed the treaty.In history people say William Hobson and James Busbey were the first Europeans to sign the treaty.The first Maori that signed the treaty was Hone heke.Most people signed the treaty but some Maori’s and Europeans didn’t agree on signing the treaty.

Lucky there was a treaty our alse there We well of still had Arguments and disagreement with the Europeans.There were nine copies of the treaty around the world.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This a book about A man called Sir Ernest Shackleton and his twenty seven men on a trip to go through antartica but then find them self stuck in Elephant island.The get the toughest people to seek help.Will they ever find Help.

My gragh

This is my graph about the classes favourite colours.The colours in this graph are Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Purple and other colours.It clearly shows that Purple and the other colours are the most favourite in this class.


Hook-On Friday and Saturday the Seven’s rugby Kicked off.It took place at Westpac stadium in Wellington New Zealand.I didn't get to watch all of the seven’s games but i did watch the final against Fiji and NZ,and today i am going to tell you about the match.

There goes the first half and NZ kick’s off.The Fijian catches the ball and he runs it up to NZ offense were a big man is waiting for him to make the tackle.The NZ team gets the ball after a few hits.They pass it out wide then they passed a short to DJ Forbes and then he was off and got the first try for the NZ team.Fiji kick’s of again the the number Nine for NZ catches the ball then runs down the sideline for another try.At the half time it was 24-Nile.

In the Second half the Fijian people the kicked of and got one try to make the ending the score for the final score 24-7 but i no that the Fijians played very well.