Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Olympics

On Monday morning I could see classes walking in to the hall. I started to feel a little suspicious.what are doing  today? Once I walked in to the hall I saw everyone lining up in there House colours. That was when I just clicked I new there would be a mini Olympics. I new what the hall would be set up like in the mini Olympics because I had been on of the captains for my team Te Awara. I noticed that One of the leaders for Te Awara 4 was missing so I knew it was me. I jumped up and went to lead team 4.

As we got told that games were about to begin my team stood up and followed me. I told my team to line up in one straight line and they did. I thought they wouldn't have listened to me because I wasn't a teacher and also because I was the same age as most of them. As we were walking I saw my good friend Matthew and his team they were going to Mrs Flaville. As I said later to my mates in that team My team and I headed to The E learning center. We watched old film festival clips. I saw lots of my friends in the video clips. As it was time to leave we said good by and headed to room 17 for our next competition. I wondered what it would of been.                    

As we arrive to room 17 my group an I see other groups doing jump jam with miss M. She was doing many songs. We danced to one song because it was a short time but it was all right. Because my team got 50 points while dancing very good. As the other teams came in it was our time to go again but this time we went in to the hall to do an activity with Mr Burt.

Mr Burt's activity was my favourite one because it was sporty. We had through, run and many other things made it cool. The first thing we did was try and get an tennis ball in to the bucket. The next activity, we had to hula hoop up and down the hall. It was challenging because I wasn't a really good hula hooper.

Overall I thought the day was awesome. My highlight of the day was Mr Burt's Activities because day made me and my team accelerate through out the whole of his session. After all the pressure we got to watch the news in the hall it was all nice and quiet. I hope that we can do another miniolympics later on this year.

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