Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp Concert Night

It was camp concert night, the night where all camp group performances were to be held in the hall on the stage. I wasn’t really excited about the dancing this year because we had to do jump jam songs which was sort of boring. At the end of the concert we came 5th place. Our dance moves were not too great but our guts and heart to go on the stage was great. The MC of the day was Mr Bark’s.There were six teams that were performing.

The first performance was from the group Team Respect. They were talented and they were very good at their dancing. After three or two groups had come on it was our groups turn to head on up to the stage.

It was very nerve-wracking to see all my friends and the audience staring at me. We did the ‘sne sni snappy’ song and thats what got my confidence up. Once that song ended we left with the song called ‘hot hot hot’. I was trying to be funny on stage by mocking my friend Joe and his eyebrows. Some people laughed and some people didn’t. When all the groups finished it came down to the voting. Unfortunately we came 5th but at least we came somewhere.

Also that night they gave out awards and certificates. Some of my friends got awards like Matthew he got two awards and my friend Kaiden he got best roller blader. But for me I got Best camp cook and I was very happy. The awards were given in between the items of the groups, so I was very suprised about getting and award. What I liked about that night was having fun on stage and winning a award.

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  1. Hi Aidan

    The camp concert was enjoyable by all, as you can tell by the audience. Although your group came 5th thats still good. It's good to know how your group were working together as a team and having fun. Well done for winning the award for "Best Cook" possibly the next Jamie Oliver? and don't forget, Mr Barks has your certificate, and some of your friends too.
    Your work has improved Aidan. Good to see your checking your spelling. Maybe next time extend your vocabulary with new descripted words. Just a thought.

    Well Done. Keep up the good work.
    Mum aka Taulagi Teleso :-) xxx


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