Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My refliction

This term was one of my favourite term’s. This was because I did many sports events like Rugby League, Cross country, Olympic day and many other sporting events. Also the reason why I liked this term was because we all learn about the Olympic people and about more interesting things. The Highlight for ,when it was writing time was in week 9 when we were doing writing about what if. Like my older postes on my blog.(http://pesaidant.blogspot.co.nz/).

My highlight for other things was The Olympic day. It was really awesome because we did 7 Olympic things. I was in the victorious team of Ireland. I don’t no how we won but I know we got lots of points for great sports men ship. Overwall I think this year was really cool. I wonder what we will be up for next term.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Boys rugby game

As I was cheering on the sideline I saw some of the rugby players getting fusstrated.It was Ptengland veruses Kedgley. Once we got to line up to go watch the game I was so happy because there would be know more work for the last half hour. Also I was excited to spectate the game because most of my friends where playing and I wanted to support them. When we arrived to the feild I saw our team already playing.After a couple of minutes the first try was scored but it was Kedgley that got it. It was alright do because I knew that our ptengland team would get a try and they did. Tui running through the people and scored the second try. Yeah it was 1 try each.

Once it went on to half time, nearly every rugby player was tired and I knew they needed to have a drink of water. As they walked back on the field everyone who was there supporting our school was cheering for them. I think that got there confidence a little bit higher because they got another try but this time it was my good friend Matthew T got it. YEAHHH!!!! All of as cheered with joy think that we were gonna win. As the Lunch bell rang we had to go back to class. NOOOO!!! I wanted to watch all the action but we couldn’t

As the boys came back we all cheered for them. I heard that It was a nail bitting game but they lost  3 tries to 5. They said it was a comeptitive game and the oppiste where a mighty team that had been victories. But even if they did lose there game they still put on a good additude and also made our school proud.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Imaginery poor life

Once there where four men. We are all poorhara’s living on the curve of the road named Toko, Shawn, Matthew and me (Aidan). I remember when we were billionaires until Matthew lost the money in a poker game. I was really mad. I thought of ditching him but no I didn’t want to because we were best friends and we didn’t want to ditch anyone. Matthew, he was the lucky one. He found a big card board box as big as a house. One time Toko tried to steel my friend Matthew’s Box. Matthew got very angry at Toko and pushed him on to the road and he got runned over by Shawn’s dad. It was very sad but Toko stayed alive. What a relief. We always busk for money but the people only give us ten cents. There is a man called Sonny Bill Williams who always mocked us about him being rich and us being poor. One day he got an offer to go to Japan so we made him go flying. As we were walking we saw a good friend Shawn he came with us because he was a poorhara too. He punched me in the head and I didn’t fell anything.Thats how my poor life started.

One day we saw a bunch of hippies they were protesting about whales so we went to go beat them up. Unfortunately I got a hiding but my friends had my back. Matthew got so angry he thought he was gonna turn into incredible hulk. He didn’t. I laughed at him. We won against them but the police came and beat us up again. Matthew ran away and went to his different friend.(What a sad arhh) .We went to the police station and got bailed out. Nah Jokes..... We went to court and became guilty of all charges just because we gave a bunch of hippies a hiding. We got sent to jail.

After two jail we got sick of it. We formed a huddle to think of an escape plan to get out of jail. We succeeded and got out. But not in a pleasant way. We went through the pipe where people took a poo. We quickly ran through the woods. We didn’t want anyone to see us.When we got back to our curve we saw those hippies again. We called the cops and said the hippies were there again the police didn’t listen and put us back in jail.THE END FOR.......................................................................................NOW

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What If I was A super Hero

Once upon a time there where three extrodinery super hero’s. They have powers that nobody could ever destroy them. The courages super hero’s where called Mysterion , kill-buzz and bold-axe. Mysterion is a amazing super hero, he is a wise man that has powers that can read mines , fight and run super fast. Then theres kill-buzz he really killed people’s buzz but inside he was very strong he had powers that could stop anything. He can fly, use his laser vison and he can also run fast. He also has xray vision (He can look through his clothes). One day kill-buzz killed Mysterion buzz bye stoping him run ultra fast by puting a laser beam right in front of him. Last but not least is me, bold-axe.I have meany awesome powers. I can shape shift, fly and i got goku’s power but with more strentgh.One day we took on batman robin and the jo1ker. nobody could believe there eyes. we althought but man and robin where good.But there was no hastle for as we destroyed them in a jepy.

Beep----Beep---Beep, our alarm sounded there was an enemy in site. This was a job for Bold-axe, Kill buzz and Mystrion. As we got to the place we saw villian named Devil man.We were shocked. “Oh not him again” as we all say in bore. We new that we defeated him many times this one would be easy. But wait we aproched him and he had new super powers he could do anything.He was ugly as a troll. We went to attack but he was to strong. We went to put our super powers together and spirt bomb. Devil man back fired and did his super bomb. It was aiming stright at Mysterion. We blocked him, me and kill buzz blocked as. We died but Mysterion flew back to Technical toko’s scuxx factory and stole his broken time machine he quickly fixed it and went back in time. But that didn’t stop devil man he killed me again (FAR  WHAT A WAIST OF TIME). Then he skaned my body and replaced it with his one. My friends thought I killed them but I didn’t.....The end

Monday, September 10, 2012

What If I was a billionaire

If I was a billionaire I would and I could get anything in the world. I will probley get out of my house and go on a shopping spree. I would buy all the clothes I needed from the best clothes shops.  Also I would spend my money on electronics, like an I pad, I pod, Xbox 360 and all the games , A big flat screen TV and many other things. For my family I would get them a new flash car. And the last thing I would buy will probley be is a new house.

If I would change the world I would of. Like make new events and new stadiums. I would pay the primeminster of New Zealand to make a new shoping mall that will be 5 times bigger then Sylvia park. It will probley be called Silver park. It would be like a big shoping mall for everyone to come and enjoy there life style. In that shopping mall ill have all the best company's and brands in there Like Hoyts cinemas, Mc donalds, The warehouse, Foot looker, rebel sports and loads of other things.

If I had to change the way I was with my friends I would. I did try to change the way but everything went so wrong. I went to Technical Toko’s skuxx factory and tyred to use the time machine. I didn’t success because I got napped trying to use it, I didn’t know what to do so I just pressed any button so I pressed the big red button I waited for a minute to do something and it said Self destructing in T minus 3 seconds 3...2.....1... BOOM. I got blow en up and  I quickly got rushed to hospital. Lucky I was still alive but I got arrested for sneaking to a billionaire company.

After three years in Jail I got out I went back to good friend of mine called Matthew. I went to his house and asked for him He was ashamed of me and told me Hurry up I don't want you hear leave. I went to war against Osama Bin Ladin And I won, Everyone thought I was dead and every one was very sad but I was still alive put that didn’t save my best friends Matthew's life. Once He heard about the death of me he got very sick and died of an heart attack.

The very next day I went into hospital. I saw my friend Toko having a heart attack. I didn’t want to do anything because he took me in to the cops so I watched him have an heart attack. I died before him because toko through a knife at me and I died and that was my life of Aidan.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Olympics

On Monday morning I could see classes walking in to the hall. I started to feel a little suspicious.what are doing  today? Once I walked in to the hall I saw everyone lining up in there House colours. That was when I just clicked I new there would be a mini Olympics. I new what the hall would be set up like in the mini Olympics because I had been on of the captains for my team Te Awara. I noticed that One of the leaders for Te Awara 4 was missing so I knew it was me. I jumped up and went to lead team 4.

As we got told that games were about to begin my team stood up and followed me. I told my team to line up in one straight line and they did. I thought they wouldn't have listened to me because I wasn't a teacher and also because I was the same age as most of them. As we were walking I saw my good friend Matthew and his team they were going to Mrs Flaville. As I said later to my mates in that team My team and I headed to The E learning center. We watched old film festival clips. I saw lots of my friends in the video clips. As it was time to leave we said good by and headed to room 17 for our next competition. I wondered what it would of been.                    

As we arrive to room 17 my group an I see other groups doing jump jam with miss M. She was doing many songs. We danced to one song because it was a short time but it was all right. Because my team got 50 points while dancing very good. As the other teams came in it was our time to go again but this time we went in to the hall to do an activity with Mr Burt.

Mr Burt's activity was my favourite one because it was sporty. We had through, run and many other things made it cool. The first thing we did was try and get an tennis ball in to the bucket. The next activity, we had to hula hoop up and down the hall. It was challenging because I wasn't a really good hula hooper.

Overall I thought the day was awesome. My highlight of the day was Mr Burt's Activities because day made me and my team accelerate through out the whole of his session. After all the pressure we got to watch the news in the hall it was all nice and quiet. I hope that we can do another miniolympics later on this year.