Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Way I like the Sydney roosters is because they are aggressive and really good.They also have a star player, his name is called Todd Carney he is the player of the year.

This year they had played in the NRL And even went into the finals with the Dragons. But unfortunately they lost. Next year I think that they are going to win.

one fact for a mosquito

This is one fact about a mosquito.
Does the male and female both suck on blood?
You can find out this on the movie.
Please enjoy the movie I have made.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

our new computer!!!!!!!!!

Once I got home from camp,as I opened the door then slammed it my sister walked up to me came close to my ear and said “were getting a computer”. “Your joking” I said in a loud voice. where not getting a computer.And she said back to you just wait and see . So we bet a dollar.

There days later when I was sleeping with my face under my pillow I heard a strange noice .It was in our carport walking up to the deck I thought it would be my auntie ready to pick us up for breakfast.Then they knocked on the door as my mum opened it. I thought it would be the washing machine man ready to come fix it.But it was not him it was the computer guy.He was from DTR.

I quickly sneaked out of the room.Ahhh come back her dam I had to oh her sooner our later.
So I gave her the dollar.I w as really thinking of that dollar,and what I could spend with it.

So I learnt may lesson to trust people In my family!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In the 8 -11 century the Vikings dominated the world. They had came from Scandinavia which is Norway, Sweden , Denmark and Finland. They had traded and some times plundered lots of goods and treasure .

The Vikings had raided All of Europe’s church’s for all the gold and money.

From the east side of the world they got Spices such as curry ,cinnamon cloves, garlic and much more was traded from India and also silk from China.

Chocolate was made by coco beans in America or known as Vinland which was named by the Vikings.

by Aidan


I was ready to go for this big event, all the hard work that i did was ready .untill I saw the chairs were put.I was thinking oh no the intire of the school is doing lt.It really suprised me.

Anxiously waiting for our run as cold breeze was dashing out of my mouth.I was so ready but we were going last untill Mr Burt said elven year olds your going first then lt well be the,I was really cusious to see who was going next.The year one's are next Mr Burt said as I was all ready to go. next well be the ten year olds,yes I said to


It was our time to run I was really excited now .It was the big momment,Ready, set,Go , SMACK!!! Mr Burts wooden gong went as I shot throw the line like what the hare did to the turtle.I was coming first but then all of sudden not one, not two but three people passed me.And then a hole bunch of people passed me and just went sprinting towards the gate as I was stuck near the fence.

I was in the middle of the race and it was very tiring. I thought it well be really easy but it wasen’t it was terrible.My heart was pounding I stoped to get my breath when I heard the bang again oh no the ten year old girl are coming.My stamina was going down as I was losing energy like a car running out of gas.I was really dying for a can of fizz.Lucky I had a big drink of water in my bag.

The end of the race was near and I was not keeping up I was slowing down, come on aidan as somthing had clicked inside of me to just finish the race.I saw Stevie and faced him to the finish with all l got but unfortunatly I did not beat him.

Ahhhhhh finaly I scremed to myself as I was laying down feeling lythirgic. Im not going to do that again, not in 1 year I won’t..........

Monday, July 19, 2010

Term 3 Mighty Mariners

"At last the holidays are over and term three has started" I said excitedly ready to see every one again.It felt really short.

Once the bell rang every one lined up ready to go to assembly. we had said hello to all our friends did you have a nice holiday and some said yes and some just said it was normal.

Ring Ring Ring the bell rang as I quickly dashed though the door ready for assembly.

As we sat down we saw loads of teachers dressed up in pirate suits , viking suits and heaps more. First it was Mr Burt. He had shown us the amazing trip he had in America. He had gone to lots of citys there.

After he was finished team one was ready to go on stage but the thing was that it was a movie thatt showed. It was about the polynesian people coming to New Zealand.

"Team two It's your turn now"Mr Burt anounced to the school. One of them were a pirate and the other one was Captain cook.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Red Robin Hood

This is a made up fariy tale that is mixed with Robin Hood and Little Red riding Hood combinded to make Little Red Robin Hood.

once upon a time there was a little boy called Robin . He had a red cape and a basket full of bow an arrows.One day hid dad Big Red Robin Hood gave him some food to Old Red Robin Hood who lived in a castle in the forest. So off went Little Red Robin Hood.

As he went strolling along the path he saw eyes looking at him. He got his bow and arrows out ready to shot it.It came out of the bush,it was staring at him ."Ahhh" Shouted Little Red Riding hood as he dashed quickly to thwe castle.The bear took an short cut there

When Red Riding Hood arrived at the castle the gardes said "you my enter". Robin went in. After 2000 steps up o the kings room he saw an funny looking elevater."Ohhh" he grund. I shold of taken the elavater to grandad's room!

Then he opened the door to see that his grandad was fighting the bear that he saw in the forest. Robin Hood got the gaurds to demolish the bear.

After a couple of minutes the bear had finaly went to the zoo to get tought some manners. That was the of the bear. When he was gone Robin and old robin hood had a big feast and celebrated a happily ever after.

NZ Moari Vs England

On Wednesday the 23rd of June New Zealand Maori had a big match against England. The Final winning score was 35 to New Zealand Maori and 28 to England.It was a good game.

The Commentators said "here is New Zealand Maori please take your way to the Field so off they went new Zealand Maori went .

After the national Mathian The NZ Maori got ready to do the haka.
The game kicked of were it was England who did it. On of the NZ Maori received the ball.He run with the ball in tell he got thumped onto the ground.They spend the ball out all the way to the winger. RICO GEAR!!!! He run and run he bumped a person of and then TRY!!! The crowd went wild . England was shocked. But when one of the England's player had the ball he was gone.

At half time the score was 12-16.
.I did not watch the second half but I no that NZ did as Proud. Wait ago NEW ZEALAND!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After 45 to 75 days they hatch into baby turtles. These small creatures lay their eggs where they were born and lay them at night time. Most turtles swim to shore to lay there eggs and some turtles do not swim to shore to lay there eggs. They always lay there eggs on sandy shores.

This is my movie about turtles.
Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Kowhaiwhai movie and image

This is how my kowhaiwhai pattern forms and becomes bigger and bigger.
I hope you enjoy this movie.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My family

This is my portrait that I drew about me and the most impotent people in my family.In my family I have Me the small one on the side ,in purple my sister next to me and my brother is the one that looks a bit different Drawing to me and my sister.

On the top of us is my mum. On the other side of her is my dad He is there because he dose not live with us. all the other patterns are part of the background. I hope you enjoy the picture that I drew.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Bryan

On Wednesday ( last week) a man came here to talk about food that keeps as active. His name was Iron Bryan .

His two friends names were Eddy the chef and Sarah his helper.

Once they finished talking about how to keep your body strong and fit , Sarah went around to ask people questions about all the staff that they were talking about and seeing if they were listening . Once they said one of the questions that I new I quickly stuck my hand up high.
She pointed at me and said "What is your name"? I said my name was Aidan . She said "What are the other three words".
I got it right and then I had got a hackey sack.

Once the Iron Bryan show was over they had a big bunch of Burger's out side ready for as to eat for morning tea.
What I liked about the show was all his funny jokes he said and the prize that I won.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is my first movie in 2 term about volcanoes.
It is about what happen's when a volcano erupts, blasting lava and ash out of the vents.
Hope you enjoy .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow It's mufti already!
I was really excited that we could wear mufti but sad that it was the last day of the term.
"The term went very fast" I thought in my head.
Same people were really happy for the holidays and same people
were sad.

The school announced that there well be a disco.
Every one was really excited.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Kindness

Wow! I thought as the helpers and children were making the tents.It was Wednesday and I was ready to go to camp to have fun and learn new things to do.

Our first destination was skate land. I was really excited and ready for a skating race.When I got my skates on the owner of skate land our roller skates were on properly.I was on the courts when some one went zooming past so I went to go and skate.

What I learnt was when ever we get onto the courts is to not go really fast on there. But one of the things that I liked was laugthing at Matthew as he kept on falling over.

The next thing that I liked was camp cooking.What I liked about it was roasting the damper and eating it. Well my one did not roast but Matthew's did. It was really good cooking.But the only thing was when I took my filling out.It was BLACK !

What learnt a good lesson not to put my cooking into the fire.

The last thing that I liked was ten pin bowling.I really liked it because I my not have got any strikes but I got heaps of spares. I came fourth in my group out of the hole ten rounds. When it was my turn I rolled it to the sides thinking I may get a strike but the only thing was it was bouncing on the sides so it only got about three down.

I really enjoy this years camp but i think that last years was a little bit more better.I can not not what for next years Year 7 camp!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Early Maori Attitude Towards Land

This is my movie showing early Maori attitudes towards land. I wrote from Captain Cook's
point of view.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm very proud

I am very proud of what I did and I can not wait to be doing our next presentation for other visitors around the world. What was great was being very confident about doing it around a big bunch of nice people.

I well like to see all of you some time later this year for another presentation.

What I should work on is learning the words that I say to you wonderful people.