Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In the 8 -11 century the Vikings dominated the world. They had came from Scandinavia which is Norway, Sweden , Denmark and Finland. They had traded and some times plundered lots of goods and treasure .

The Vikings had raided All of Europe’s church’s for all the gold and money.

From the east side of the world they got Spices such as curry ,cinnamon cloves, garlic and much more was traded from India and also silk from China.

Chocolate was made by coco beans in America or known as Vinland which was named by the Vikings.

by Aidan


I was ready to go for this big event, all the hard work that i did was ready .untill I saw the chairs were put.I was thinking oh no the intire of the school is doing lt.It really suprised me.

Anxiously waiting for our run as cold breeze was dashing out of my mouth.I was so ready but we were going last untill Mr Burt said elven year olds your going first then lt well be the,I was really cusious to see who was going next.The year one's are next Mr Burt said as I was all ready to go. next well be the ten year olds,yes I said to


It was our time to run I was really excited now .It was the big momment,Ready, set,Go , SMACK!!! Mr Burts wooden gong went as I shot throw the line like what the hare did to the turtle.I was coming first but then all of sudden not one, not two but three people passed me.And then a hole bunch of people passed me and just went sprinting towards the gate as I was stuck near the fence.

I was in the middle of the race and it was very tiring. I thought it well be really easy but it wasen’t it was terrible.My heart was pounding I stoped to get my breath when I heard the bang again oh no the ten year old girl are coming.My stamina was going down as I was losing energy like a car running out of gas.I was really dying for a can of fizz.Lucky I had a big drink of water in my bag.

The end of the race was near and I was not keeping up I was slowing down, come on aidan as somthing had clicked inside of me to just finish the race.I saw Stevie and faced him to the finish with all l got but unfortunatly I did not beat him.

Ahhhhhh finaly I scremed to myself as I was laying down feeling lythirgic. Im not going to do that again, not in 1 year I won’t..........