Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aidan Art work

My special place is my brothers room. I choose this place because it is was one of my favourite places to be and because it makes me fell happy and it lets me kick back and relax. In the photo of my room there is a TV that is not very big but in my painting it looks big.It also shows a bed in it and the things I like to do around in his netbook it (Like the Xbox).The colours that I have choosen for the colours are mostly brown , a creamy colour , light blue and black. The room represents what I like to do when I am inside.

The artist that I choose to do for my artwork is Vincent Van Gogh.Van Gogh is a Expressnism aartist.I choose him because he drew a bedroom that looked sort of like mine.The colours in it so so my job was to use very dull colours. To make it look just like van gogh’s style I have to put more layers and try to make it sort of relistic. I am going to use little brush strokes to complete my art work. The most colours that I most probley use was brown and the most colour that I mixed was White.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Term 2 Reflection

This term was very awesome. The topic was art alive and it was great because we got to do lots of artwork. We did artwork in style of Henri Matisse , Van Gogh, Pablo picasso , Daniella Hulme and Cloude Monet. we had rotations early in the term of how to draw like the artists that i said before. One of my favourite artist isVan Gogh because he uses little brushstrokes.

My favourite subject was maths because I got better and better.I think that the one I didn’t like the most in this term was reading because I didn’t really get to do it much and I didn’t get much better. I think this term was one of my favourite terms.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aidan Every Man

Everyman is not really a super hero. He is homer Simpson off the simpson’s. He got the roll for playing homer in (season 21 the first episode). The super power of every man is he obsorbes the power of any comic book in site. Every man was made bye the comic book guy in the Simpsons. Bart and Milhouse discovered when they went  to bye a comic book. They read it and said it was great.So it went to every comic book store in spring field and shelbyville.

Once upon a time there was a ordinary guy his name was Homer. he was living his normal life like being lazy.He work’s at a powerplant in springfeild.He has 2 children and a wife. One day it was pooring with rain and had thunder he was running home from work when he got struck by thunder and got very powerful. He was in hospital with all his friends and family suronding him. they were very happy he was a live. he didn’t notice his power untill one day he was reading a comic book that had Green Lantern on it he put his hand on the front cover to flip the page when he turned into green lantern. “Ahh” he said as he turned in to it. “Wow I’m a super hero” and that was when he noticed he was a superhero. To be continued

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dead Pool

Today I am writing to tell you some facts and talk about one of my favourite villains of all time. His name is Deadpool.Deadpool first appeared in The New Mutants #98 (February 1991). But for me I first saw him In Marvel vs Capcom 3. I played the game 2 weeks ago and Deadpool was one of my Favourite guys.His weapons that he uses is Two Guns and Two swords. His Rival’s are Dante (From Devil my cry), X-man and Magneto( X-man) . With all the Talent with his gun’s and swords he is a very cocky man that likes to play dirty.

Once upon a time there was a villain called DeadPool. Guns and swords are his specialty. He is a cocky boy that has trouble with the law. One day he went to go see what was happening up in the town center when he meet another super hero whose name was Dante. He had the same skills as Deadpool except one thing. He wasn’t wearing a mask. He was open to letting people know who he was. They looked eye to eye. You could tell they were getting ready to pull out their swords and start battling each other. They fought together for a couple of hours and that was when they got very tired.
To be continued

Friday, June 1, 2012


Thursday afternoon’s is one of my favourite times of the day. This is because it is Kiwi Kick or another way to say it is AFL. AFL is sport that involves a team with 18 people. It is sort of like rugby league but it  Our instructors for Kiwi kick is Sam but we call him samwich and Micheal.

Each and every Thursday we learn new and improved skills.Before we even start we have to train and warm up. The warming up,training and doing some drills. In the warming up time we play some very interesting games that we have played before and games we have not played before.

Week 1 of AFL and we have all ready started learning new and improved skills.The important skill that we are learning to accomplice is drop punting, passing and lases away from faces.After all the skill learning we moved on to play a game. The game was all about aim.We had to hit our teacher. I tryed and almost got her but i didn’t.

Week 2 and were all ready into the training and the quick warm up games.We played a game that involves tagging people.I got in most of the time but it was alright because I tagged lots of people.After all the tagging we played a game of bull rush. Well it was like bull rush but the teachers and children that were in had to through the ball at the person who was running.

Loads of the games were fun and I am looking forward to go again next week.