Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Athletics Sprinting

'Ahh'Athletics. One of the most intense days of the year, but also one of my favourite days of the year.This year we had it on a Thursday, the 8th of November.  Athletics is when you do events that involves strength, speed and also to have lots of fun, and that's what I had that day.
Lining up, we all are waiting anxiously to get started with it.  I see my friend Matthew also getting ready, he was pumped up and ready to go but I knew hes was going to win something because of how sporty. I knew that it was going to be a fun but competitive athletics.

As we arrived to the courts we all had to sit in our age groups and have a hat on. Some of the teachers where really streaked about wearing a hat because it was a really hot day to do athletics. After a couple of minutes we got under way, heading to our first destination (Sprints).
I didn’t no that we had sprints first but I was really nervous because I was really slow. As we lined up to race for our heats I saw Amos and Joe, really good racers. They where going to be my most challenging opponents. READY, SET, BANG goes the wooden clappers and I was off racing but as I was racing I could see Joe why ahead of me and Amos all the way at the back of me, WOW I said in shock, “I beat Amos”. coming second in my heat I was lucky enough to make it to the semi finals with Joe. That's when I knew that I was fast.

Heading in to the semi with Joe I was confident Intel I saw Starford make it in to the finals and he was in my heat. As we ran I we where coming a tie and then suddenly i just was able to beet him. we had races after and I beet him in some of the races and he beet me in some of the race. But the finals came and we where both ready to see who could get third place. As we where running I was getting a good then he was gaining on me fast but it was a tight race and I just one coming third. To Be Continued........................

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