Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thing I Like and dislike to do

Im going to tell you about the thing that like and what I dislike so I hope you enjoy.

First up we have Food/Drinks
I like eating chips,My favourite meal is Butter Chicken .I dont like brocclie. I love Coke and cashwaw nuts.My mum always makes me pizza on Wednesday .I love eating Chesse burgers .I like Milo.I dislike Green tea

Now we have Hobbies
I look after my pet cat.I enjoy playing rugby, rugby leauge.I go to Aunties every thursday evening.I collect Marbels.I have a brotherI play on my computer every night .

Last but certenly not least Music/TV
I like the band Gym Class Heros , watching comedy on TV,‘Movies’ and football .I always watch ‘Batman’ on Saturday mornings. I think ‘Didgemon’ is stupid.I hate Justin Beiber, Girlzone and old fashioned clips

Thanks to Sione for cheacking my work and corecting my mistakes