Friday, August 24, 2012

Cross Country

What an exhausting day running through the slimy mud. On Friday last week we had our school cross country. It is an event that takes place every year in the middle of term 3. It all comes down to this. All the trainings and practices that we have been through. All around us were cheering parents shouting for the children saying “GO SON GO!!” Or they said “GO DAUGHTER GO!!”. It was a great day to have cross country.

As we anxiously waited for Mr Burt to call us up to race, we all talked about what we were going to come and if we were going to run with each other or not. Sitting on the hard court was tiring because the sun came out and made me feel really dehydrated before the race had even begun. After all the hassle waiting for our time to go on the field to race, it finally happened. It was really nerve wracking waiting for Mr Burts wooden clappers, to bang together.

Ready......Set.......BANG! Mr Burts wood clappers joined together as everyone started running. Off we go already past the cone and we were all sprinting hard until...the slimy mud came up and made all of us slow down. It was disgusting because my shoes got really mucky and wet. But that didn’t worry me because I would of got new shoes anyway. As we came up to the first kilometer it started to get really muddy. As I was running I could see lots off my friends getting frustrated and annoyed at the mud. It wasn’t a good day to run on the grass.

Heading into the white stoney path now and I was relieved because I thought there wouldn’t be any more mud. There wasn’t really mud but there were lots of big puddles that were made by rainwater. “OWW” as I say in my head. It was either I go around the puddles and run through the sloshing mud or I just run straight through it and get my shoes wet. It was a decision I had to make so I went around it because my shoes were already muddy. The mud went to my legs and it was terrible.

Once I was in the bush the atmosphere smelled very bad. It smelt like a dog had pooed in the bush. I didn’t really run with anyone in the bush but I saw three of the 13 year old boys pass me. It was Lepa , Kaiden and Havea. That was my time to start going to sprint it all the way and I did.
At the finish line I saw some of my friends there looking really tired and muddy. As I crossed the finish line I was really relieved that we all finished because there would be no more mud. I saw lots of supporters encouraging people when they finished. It wasn’t one of my favourite cross country races. Overall I felt really exhausted and dehydrated. I was really dying for a drink.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is the fastest person alive. He has been known for the world record with the 100 metre sprint and the 200 metre sprint. Usain Bolt hails from Jamaica, a country with lots of athletic people. Usain Bolt is the first person ever to win the 200 metre race twice in two olympics. Every time he wins his heats, and mostly when he wins the gold, he shows a sign of respect by holding up his flag and pointing to the sky.

This year in the London Olympics Usain Bolt’s team won the 400 metre sprints and also beat the world record. Usain’s rival but also his teamate Yohan Blake made a come back for the Jamaican team as they were coming last. Also he won gold in the 100 and 200 metre sprint. He didn’t beat his world record but he did make his country very proud.

Usain Bolt competed in Olympic park a stadium home to London. It held the High Jump, long jump, discus, shot put , 100 and 200 meter sprints, and many other track and field events. Right now the olympics are over closing with a ceremony that was really awesome. It had lots of amazing effects and outstanding fireworks. What a great way to finish the London Olympics 2012.

Friday, August 10, 2012


The game of basketball is a very competitive game for most people. Every Thursday afternoon we go to the courts to play a game of basketball. Our instructors are Tai and Shae. We go to basketball to develop more skills and also have fun. Tai and Shae taught us how to dribble and try not to double dribble. They also told us very complex skills and gave us various challenges.

This term as we play basketball we learn new drills and skills. Some of the skills that we do are easy and some are difficult. At basketball we have lots of fun playing mine basketball games and co-operating with other friends. Our class has been playing with room 15 , to challenge them but also have fun with them.

Basketball has ten men playing on the court. There is a national Basketball competition called NBA. The reason why I like this competition is because it has got all of my favourite players and my favourite teams in it. My favourite player in the NBA are Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and the legendary Micheal Jordan and my favourite team is Boston Celtics.

Our class haven’t had a proper game of  basketball yet but we are sure looking forward to playing.Most of my classmates are ready to play a game of basketball and the others still need time to work on some skills.

Overall I think that the basketball every Thursday is awesome because we get to learn lots of skills. I can not wait tell we go again, maybe one day I will be a famous basketball player.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Mahe Drysdale is a New Zealand rower. He is one of the best rowers in the world. In the previous olympics he got a bronze medal. In the world championships he came 1st in nearly all his races except one.He came 2nd in the 2010 World Champs in Karapiro. Right now he is in the finals for the rowers single sculls. In his semi final he beat his opponents by coming first and that was how he qualified to the finals.

Another team that made NZ proud was the two kiwis who have just won the gold for the men’s double sculls. Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan won NZs first gold medal at the Olympics.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The winning shot

1. The womans football team goes wild as they get the winning shot.

2.As the team gets the goal they are full of happiness and satisfaction.

3. These girls jump with joy as they are overwhelmed winning the grand final.

4.After all the presure they can finaly celebrate with lots of excitment and celebrate as new champions.

5. The coach was very proud but also excited that they won.