Friday, October 28, 2011

My Mnemonic

This is my Mnemonic

My dream outta this Holiday

outta this world holiday
Beep....Beep.....Beep. Screamed the alarm.I tried to ignore it but it was just to loud.I wanted to stay in my dream.My dream outta this world holiday.

In my dream holiday I soared through the air with a rocket to Uranus. I was wearing A fine astro suit with a glass bucketon my head.

Nine and a half years past and I finally made it there it was scary knowing that know one was there, It felt like am the last man standing.

I planted my NZ flag on the planet so when the amrecians come they know an New Zealander was here. I saw somthing reflecting on my flag it was a green glow in the distance. It was coming closer and closer untell.It was a ugly looking alien.

Thanks to Sione and Tomjoe

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bog Bodies

This term we have been learning to summarise and make it easy for team 4 kids to read.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My country conversation

This is my conversation with Wolverine about Georgia and their rugby team.

“Hello, do you know what the capital city of Georgia is?” asked Wolvarine.

“Yes i I do know what it is, it is T'bilisi,” replayed Aidan.

“Do you know what the continent of Georgia is on?" he addressed me politely.

“Yes it is in northern Asia,” I shouted

“What is the population of the country”he said.

“Um i think it is close around to 4,585,874”

“Wow that is alot of people”

“Yes slitly more bigger population then New zealand”

“So what is the national dish”? said wolvirine as he was leaking his lips

“The cuisine of Georgia is justly famous throughout the region (visitors to Moscow will have noticed the amount of Georgian restaurants)!”


“I wonder what the famous landmark is”? he wonderd

“it is Sighnaghi.”

“Say.What is the countrys that are next store to geogia?”

“who is the key player for there rugby team”he said back to me

I said “One of the name of the key players in the team is Malkhaz Urjukashvvill.

“Who did they first verse play and what was the score”?

“well they lost 15-6”?

“ok then. What about there secound game”

“unfortunetly they got frashed 41-10”

“Ohh have they versed there 3rd match yet”

“yes and finaly they have won 25-9 against Romania”

“Well done to them”

Big Thank you to Tomjoe for cheacking my conversation.