Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Way I like the Sydney roosters is because they are aggressive and really good.They also have a star player, his name is called Todd Carney he is the player of the year.

This year they had played in the NRL And even went into the finals with the Dragons. But unfortunately they lost. Next year I think that they are going to win.

one fact for a mosquito

This is one fact about a mosquito.
Does the male and female both suck on blood?
You can find out this on the movie.
Please enjoy the movie I have made.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

our new computer!!!!!!!!!

Once I got home from camp,as I opened the door then slammed it my sister walked up to me came close to my ear and said “were getting a computer”. “Your joking” I said in a loud voice. where not getting a computer.And she said back to you just wait and see . So we bet a dollar.

There days later when I was sleeping with my face under my pillow I heard a strange noice .It was in our carport walking up to the deck I thought it would be my auntie ready to pick us up for breakfast.Then they knocked on the door as my mum opened it. I thought it would be the washing machine man ready to come fix it.But it was not him it was the computer guy.He was from DTR.

I quickly sneaked out of the room.Ahhh come back her dam I had to oh her sooner our later.
So I gave her the dollar.I w as really thinking of that dollar,and what I could spend with it.

So I learnt may lesson to trust people In my family!!!!!!!!!!