Friday, March 23, 2012

cooking an egg (camp Day 2) Hobo Egg

In this photo it shows an egg. But it is no ordinary egg, it is an egg cooked on a hobo stove. The egg was created by a big can for the pan, a box of matches to light the can. In this challenge you had to have groups, so in my group was Joshua, Max, Cilas, Hossanah and me also you needed sticks and a fire starter to make the egg burn.This challenge was the second challenge in the amazing race. And our group pretty much won the egg challenge.


  1. Hi Aidan

    This amazing race challenge sounded like good team work. Your team must have worked well together to win the egg challenge, well done. Just curious to know, what happended to the cooked egg?
    Maybe with some other amazing events that are coming your way. Just a thought, you could write about how everyone felt, including yourself. It would be good to know what were your reactions when something good comes from working together as a team.
    Keep up the good work.

    Mum aka Taulagi Teleso xxx

  2. Ha Aidan

    That was my favorite activity THE AMAZING RACE! And my team also won the egg challenge in my group it was good piece of writing but you repeated the word egg six time's

    keep it up ;)

  3. Hey Aidan,
    I'm proud to hear that your team cooked that hobo egg.Yeah camp was a lot of fun and excitement. Too bad for my team cuase we only had time to start the fire.

    Keep up the Work Aidan!!


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