Friday, May 25, 2012

Tonga Time

Every Friday there is a rotation around the year 7 and 8 block. This is called tonga time, a time were we can develope new skills and learn new things.Tonga time is held after morning tea all the way to lunch.One of the subjects that i am learning is how to play hockey by knowing all the rules and noing how to play.

It was the very first day of tonga time and my name got called out to go to Mr Barks class. At first i didn’t no what we were going to do inside me it looked like it was going to cool term. Walking into the classroom i saw a logo of a hoockey rank.I thought to my self “YEAH WERE PLAYING HOCKEY”. There was a problem do, we had to Learn the rules and how to play.

Week one we didn’t really play much because we did our planing and learnt how to draw a hockey pit. We drew and coloured in our favourite teams in to the center ciricle. After that we went out side to pratice our skills with the hockey stick’s.It was really fun and i got one in.

It was week two and i was very excited because Mr Barks said that we were going to go down to tamaki college to learn new technique's and play a thew hockey games. Playing the game was cool because my team that i was in won all our games.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comparing Picasso and Hulme

This week we are comparing and contrasting two unique artists, Pablo Picasso and Daneilla Hulme. These two painters have different styles from each other. Picasso is a cubism artist that paints from different perspectives and Hulme is a contemporary artist that enjoys painting wtih bright colours and using different patterns. The paintings that we are comparing and contrating today is ‘The Weeping Woman’ by Picasso and ‘ A Lazy Day In Paradise’ from Daniella Hulme.

When I look at ‘The Weeping Woman’ it shows that when he drew this picture ither he was very sad or the person he was painting was sad. This painting mostly has different types of yellow in it.When you look at this picture you can see a dull type of yellow and a bright yellow. Looking at this painting doesn’t make me sad or doesn’t make happy ether.

Looking at the ‘Lazy Day In Paradise’ makes me feel happy by all the bright and beautiful colours that stand out. Hulme doesn’t just use bold bright colours she also uses nice patterns. These patterns are tropical patterns because she is happily married to a samoan man.This painting obviously makes me feel really relaxed and happy.

‘The Weeping Woman’ and “A Lazy Day In Paradise” are two different artwork by to different people. ‘The weeping woman’ show’s the texture in the colour is not as bright as ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ colours.But In the ‘The Lazy Day In Paradise’ Doesn’t Have much detail from ‘The Weeping Woman’.

My final thought about these two extraordinary people that drew extraordinary things. What I have to say about these two artist is that they are very good artists who inspire younger audiences to paint more and more.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

comparing and contrasting

This week for our writing we were told to compare and contrast two very famous artists, Van Goghs ‘Sunflowers’ and Henri Matisse’s ‘La Musique’. Van Gogh and Matisse are very different artists. Van Goghs style of art was Expressionism and Henri Matisses style of art was Fauvism.

Van Gogh was born in Holland. Most of his life he was miserable and even he cut his own ear off and sent it to his girl friend. He created lots of paintings but he only sold one for $1000 dollars. When he died his paintings became famous because his sister sold his art and convinced people  to buy it.

‘Sunflowers’ has a lot of yellow in it. Yellow is thought of as a happy colour. When I look at this painting I feel happy because I like the colour yellow and I like flowers. Some of the flowers look dead in the painting because they are hanging down. I think Van Gogh felt sad when he was painting them.

‘La Musique’ This painting has more brighter colours then ‘sunflowers’. Unlike Van Gogh, Matisse used firm painting strokes instead of little solid strokes like Van gogh. What I like about this painting is it show’s some detail in it. The colours that he used in this painting were blue, yellow, red and a little bit of white. I think that Matisse felt very proud  painting this picture.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Alive Rotation

The topic for this term is art alive, and this term we are studying about some interesting artist and also doing some painting like them.To do that we had to rotate from class to class each and every day to do this.

On the first day of the term we stayed in our own class and learned how to draw like Henri Matisse. His technique was fauvism.We drew one of his famous art from around the world, the La Musique. First we sketched it to, then we coloured it in with pastel make the picture stand out.

The next day we headed over to Mrs Nua’s class, room 22. Were we learned about Van Gogh and is art of flowers. His technique was expressionism.We used primary colours to paint the flowers. The very first step we did was take or get a picture of the flower from Mrs Nua, but the twist was we had to take a close up of the photo. So that meant we had to draw all the details of the flower and also mange all the mixing and the texture in the paint. It was allot of fun but i didn’t get to complete it.

After the day after that, we walked over to Mr Barks class to draw as Picasso and to learn his style of art. His style of art was called cubism. He had a very strange way of drawing. He used to draw people or things buy a different perspective. What I mean is when he drew he always use to look to the side of there head or the bird’s eye view.

On the Friday of that week we went to Mr Slade in room 19 and did painting from Monet Mazur. I don't no her style but i no that she was one of the best ones for me. I drew a waterfall but it didn't look
like her drawing.

And finally the last day we went to Mrs Squires. I don't no who the artist was or there style of art but all I know is that it was pretty cool drawing about it. We drew aye bowl of fruit but we had to zoom in again and draw the remaining fruit we could see. The start of this term  was great with all the rotations to different classes and the art going on.