Monday, December 17, 2012

Prize Giving

Last week, Thursday we had our annual prize giving. This year it was alright because some of the items that was preformed was cool and also some of the prize’s that was award to people where great. Unfortunately for me I didn’t get any awards that night but at least I had a great time watching the items and doing an item. This year was a great year to held another great prize giving.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Year 8 photo

Here are my mates and I possibly posting our last photo together until we go to collage. I am year 8 and being at Ptengland school is one of the greatest times for me and I will always remember Ptengland school.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Year 8 camp part 1

Waking up to a beautiful day, I was ready for camp. It was so exciting because I hadden’t been to a camp for quite a while now. We where going to a camp called the C.Y.C (Ngaruawahia).Once I finished getting the final thing packed I went to school with bag, but there was a problem, My mum was coming. “Ohh no” I say quietly in my head. I didn’t want her coming because I knew she would be embarrassing.

As I arrived to the school I gently put my bag down and headed to the door ready to go pick up some of my friends, and help them with there bags. walking to my friend, Jephte's house I wondered how long the bush would have been. As everyone was at school we all packed the first bus. The second bus had came later around 9:30. Once we all where ready we said good bye to some year seven friends and then we where off.

                                                                Day 1
After a 1-2 hour drive we Finlay arrived to our destination we all got off the bus and looked at the place. It was quite a small camp but it looked quite cool. After every thing was sorted, and our bags where in our cabins, we all went to the playground to wait for the teachers to sort out some stuff. As every one was ready we headed off for the big bush walk. walking up steep hills and down steep hills for 3 hours, far what a day. For me that bush was one of the most crucialest walks I have ever been on. Walking through slimy mud and slipery surface we finaly made it to the end. Thew what a relife

Monday, December 3, 2012

My netbook refliction

This year using my net book was great. Learning with them was great because we got to learn about new things on the Internet. In my opinion i think that's this year for using net books was great for learning with maths, writing and other subjects,and if you need help you have the Internet to use and there's allot of site to look upon.

The wireless this year, I would say that it wasn’t really great because it keeped on turn off and on but still it was really fast. I would say that last years Internet slightly better but this year was better year of learning.

My net book has changed my learning in allot of ways. It has made me learn new thing s and also I don't have to writ in my book. Another way it has helped me is how if you don't no what to do you can search up sites to help you with your work.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Athletics Sprinting

'Ahh'Athletics. One of the most intense days of the year, but also one of my favourite days of the year.This year we had it on a Thursday, the 8th of November.  Athletics is when you do events that involves strength, speed and also to have lots of fun, and that's what I had that day.
Lining up, we all are waiting anxiously to get started with it.  I see my friend Matthew also getting ready, he was pumped up and ready to go but I knew hes was going to win something because of how sporty. I knew that it was going to be a fun but competitive athletics.

As we arrived to the courts we all had to sit in our age groups and have a hat on. Some of the teachers where really streaked about wearing a hat because it was a really hot day to do athletics. After a couple of minutes we got under way, heading to our first destination (Sprints).
I didn’t no that we had sprints first but I was really nervous because I was really slow. As we lined up to race for our heats I saw Amos and Joe, really good racers. They where going to be my most challenging opponents. READY, SET, BANG goes the wooden clappers and I was off racing but as I was racing I could see Joe why ahead of me and Amos all the way at the back of me, WOW I said in shock, “I beat Amos”. coming second in my heat I was lucky enough to make it to the semi finals with Joe. That's when I knew that I was fast.

Heading in to the semi with Joe I was confident Intel I saw Starford make it in to the finals and he was in my heat. As we ran I we where coming a tie and then suddenly i just was able to beet him. we had races after and I beet him in some of the races and he beet me in some of the race. But the finals came and we where both ready to see who could get third place. As we where running I was getting a good then he was gaining on me fast but it was a tight race and I just one coming third. To Be Continued........................

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Manaiakalani film festival

This term we had our annual film festival. Film festival is when the manaiakalani schools come together and show off there amazing talents buy making a short clip of themself’s doing something to make the audience happy. It was held in Sylvia Park, Hoyt's cinema’s.  This year’s film festival, for me was very boring because we only got to see a little bit of film’s and also some of them I didn’t get it.

As we got there we had to sit down on the far side of the cinema. I sat next to my mate Shawn and we talked about what was going to happen this year and then they turned the lights off and the introduction was said bye miss Burt. As the speech went on and on they Finlay pronounced the first film it was a One Direction one that was pretty cool.

After a while there there was really boring ones Intel one of the good films came on, I was relived no more boring film’s. It was room 18’s one because it was really funny and also true sometimes.Also because it was a test and they where doing face signs to each other which was really funny.

After It was over we all went back on the bus. Overall, I thought that this years film festival was pretty boring .

Friday, November 9, 2012

Crossbow Instructions

How to make a crossbow

Materials to use for this creation
-10 pieces of paper
-3 Popsicle sticks

Step 1: Get 4 pieces of paper then fold them in half (long ways).

step 2:Then cut them in half.

step 3: Roll the pieces of paper when cut in half (Long ways). roll with a pencil in the middle.

step 4:once you do that quickly stick sellotape to the rolls of paper to make it stay.

step 5: stick the Popsicle sticks in the sides of the rolled up piece of paper.

step 6: then bend the piece of paper so that it looks curved .

step 7: Then get the 5 pieces of paper then roll it again. (don't cut anything,short ways)

step 8:  Then sellotape it together to make it stick

step 9: after that put the long rolled up piece of paper in the middle of the two bended rolled up paper and sellotape it.

step 10: then get the string and tie it up to the Popsicle stick on both sides.

step 11: then sellotape it to make it stick.

step 12:then cut a hole near the end of the long rolled of paper.

step 13: cut half of a Popsicle stick and then cut it in to a small cut in half piece.

step 14: stick it in to the hole that was cut at the end of the long rolled up paper.

step 15: grab the last paper and fold it in to 4 and roll it. sellotape it

step 16:then stick it in the front and sellotape.

step 17: once that's done put the pencil in the hole and see if can through well

step 18: then pull the string back where the mini Popsicle stick piece is and make it hold on it.

step 19 when your finished pull the min Popsicle stick back and watch the pencil go flying


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My favourite toy

Your task this week is to write about your favourite toy. It could be something from your childhood when you were little, or it could be about a favourite toy that you have now.

Use this plan to help you:

* My favourite toy is my Xbox 360......because.......It is the toy that had made me happy since 2009.

* My favourite toy looks/sounds like......(describe in detail what your favourite toy looks like or sounds like) My toy looks like a big white box. it also has a cd opner so when you want to play a game you can press the button on the side or just use the controller to open it.

* My favourite toy makes me feel Happy.....because It was the only toy that i liked....or reminds me of those old playstation that i used to play when i was young.

* The best memories I have of my favourite toy are when I clocked Halo reach and also when I played all blacks rugby challenge ......because...... it was cool.

When I was young in 2009 (8 or 9 years old) I discovered the new console game, the Xbox 360. This is my favourite toy because it can play lots of other games. If you get bored of the game you’re playing you can just choose another game. Also it has some of my most favourite games on it that you can play.

The Xbox 360 was made in 2005. Right now over 70 million copies of the Xbox 360 has been sold all around the world and luckily I am one of the 70 million people that has bought one.

My favourite game on the Xbox 360 will probably be ‘Halo Reach’. The reason why I like this game is because it has lot of levels that you can do and also it made me happy when I was bored and had nothing to do. This game is one of those games where you can shoot and run around. It involves aliens, humans and humans in big robot suits.

Another great game that I have played Is ‘All Blacks Rugby Challenge’. It is a rugby game that has my favourite team for rugby, the All Blacks! I like this game because it has great graphics, good game play and it has lots of competitions to play. One of those competition is the ‘ITM Cup’ my favourite one to play. This is because it has nearly all the rugby New Zealand people in it which is awesome.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My narrattive writing

“Ahh!” I say in terror “We’re lost”. Lets go back to the beginning of my story. It all started when me and four friends ( Matthew,Toko, Jephte and Aidan) went for a walk through the bush.

As we went in to the creepy old bush we saw people walking on the footpath just either going for a stroll or running with their dog. It all seemed naturally amazing. But as we got near the middle of the track Matthew needed to use the toilet. But there was no toilet to be seen so he went into the bushes. He went really far in and took ages so we went to go and look for him. We found him by an old tree walking back to the path. When all went wrong we had forgotten the way back to the track. “Ahhr” I say in terror “We’re lost”. We went too far in. As we looked for the track it started to spit. And after a while it was pouring down with rain. We all shout out “HELP” but there was no one that could hear us.

We all walked slowly and we stuck together. As we were walking through the wet bush I saw my mates Jephte and Toko with there clenching fists and big knuckles hanging out, looking like they were going to give Matthew a good punch. He was the one that went too far in the bush. All of us all wanted to punch him but we couldn’t because we knew he was the toughest. But as we got to a big tree there was shelter. So we went under there. As it hit dark we could hear a noise. It was quite a big noise and it was heading towards us. We all got really scared and started running away but it was too late we had been caught. But luckily as we opened our eyes to see who it was, it was a policeman that had come to rescue us. ”Phew” what a relief.

As we were walking back to the track we saw lights and we knew where this policeman knew where he was going. We asked how he knew that we were lost. He replied “Your mother called us and said that you guys were missing”. We all learnt our lesson to never go deep into the bush again!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Narrative

Once upon a time there was a family of four. In the family there was The dad and his wife. Also there is the married couples daughter, son and a dog named TokoToko. The dad’s name was Aidan. He was an amauter painter trying to paint their house walls because it was his day off.
The wifes name was Shawnaly. She was a couch potatoe, She didn’t have a job and she didn’t do any choirs. The daughter was pregnent already aged as 18 years old.Her name is joshuly And then there’s the little boy named Matthew. He goes to ptengland school.

One day Aidan was painting his house with his favourite colour (Aqua Blue). When he rolled some paint on to the wall he noticed it was really wet and it came the paint was dripping down the wall really fast. after a couple of strokes with the roller he accidentally dripped lots of paint on his face. As he was trying to rub his face with a cloth his family cracked up laughing at him. The paint had already dried up couldn’t see any thing but he called still hear and talk. so he asked the little boy (Matthew) to read the paint bucket and asked him what it said on the can. He said with laughter “It said Super fast drying and permanent paint”.”Ohh no” he said with shock.What am I going to do now.

He tryed his hardest to rub the paint of with soap and a cloth but it didn’t work. His family tryed to get the paint of but it didn’t work ether. So he decided to call the company that he brought (Technical Toko’s Scuxx Factory) to solve his problem. He made the call and asked for the manger. Once he waited for the manger he Finlay answered and said “Hello what can I do for you to day”and as they  went on and on about his problems with the paint  on his face. He didn’t get any good answers so he got really mad and started peeling off the paint off his face. But he only peeled on little part and said Ouch. It ripped some skin of his face. He was really getting frustrated.

As he was sitting down he heard the little boy still reading the bucket. The man asked if there was any why to take of the paint off his face, and then he said yes there is away. Few He said with enjoyment. He did what the bucket said to do and it came off.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My refliction

This term was one of my favourite term’s. This was because I did many sports events like Rugby League, Cross country, Olympic day and many other sporting events. Also the reason why I liked this term was because we all learn about the Olympic people and about more interesting things. The Highlight for ,when it was writing time was in week 9 when we were doing writing about what if. Like my older postes on my blog.(

My highlight for other things was The Olympic day. It was really awesome because we did 7 Olympic things. I was in the victorious team of Ireland. I don’t no how we won but I know we got lots of points for great sports men ship. Overwall I think this year was really cool. I wonder what we will be up for next term.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Boys rugby game

As I was cheering on the sideline I saw some of the rugby players getting fusstrated.It was Ptengland veruses Kedgley. Once we got to line up to go watch the game I was so happy because there would be know more work for the last half hour. Also I was excited to spectate the game because most of my friends where playing and I wanted to support them. When we arrived to the feild I saw our team already playing.After a couple of minutes the first try was scored but it was Kedgley that got it. It was alright do because I knew that our ptengland team would get a try and they did. Tui running through the people and scored the second try. Yeah it was 1 try each.

Once it went on to half time, nearly every rugby player was tired and I knew they needed to have a drink of water. As they walked back on the field everyone who was there supporting our school was cheering for them. I think that got there confidence a little bit higher because they got another try but this time it was my good friend Matthew T got it. YEAHHH!!!! All of as cheered with joy think that we were gonna win. As the Lunch bell rang we had to go back to class. NOOOO!!! I wanted to watch all the action but we couldn’t

As the boys came back we all cheered for them. I heard that It was a nail bitting game but they lost  3 tries to 5. They said it was a comeptitive game and the oppiste where a mighty team that had been victories. But even if they did lose there game they still put on a good additude and also made our school proud.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Imaginery poor life

Once there where four men. We are all poorhara’s living on the curve of the road named Toko, Shawn, Matthew and me (Aidan). I remember when we were billionaires until Matthew lost the money in a poker game. I was really mad. I thought of ditching him but no I didn’t want to because we were best friends and we didn’t want to ditch anyone. Matthew, he was the lucky one. He found a big card board box as big as a house. One time Toko tried to steel my friend Matthew’s Box. Matthew got very angry at Toko and pushed him on to the road and he got runned over by Shawn’s dad. It was very sad but Toko stayed alive. What a relief. We always busk for money but the people only give us ten cents. There is a man called Sonny Bill Williams who always mocked us about him being rich and us being poor. One day he got an offer to go to Japan so we made him go flying. As we were walking we saw a good friend Shawn he came with us because he was a poorhara too. He punched me in the head and I didn’t fell anything.Thats how my poor life started.

One day we saw a bunch of hippies they were protesting about whales so we went to go beat them up. Unfortunately I got a hiding but my friends had my back. Matthew got so angry he thought he was gonna turn into incredible hulk. He didn’t. I laughed at him. We won against them but the police came and beat us up again. Matthew ran away and went to his different friend.(What a sad arhh) .We went to the police station and got bailed out. Nah Jokes..... We went to court and became guilty of all charges just because we gave a bunch of hippies a hiding. We got sent to jail.

After two jail we got sick of it. We formed a huddle to think of an escape plan to get out of jail. We succeeded and got out. But not in a pleasant way. We went through the pipe where people took a poo. We quickly ran through the woods. We didn’t want anyone to see us.When we got back to our curve we saw those hippies again. We called the cops and said the hippies were there again the police didn’t listen and put us back in jail.THE END FOR.......................................................................................NOW

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What If I was A super Hero

Once upon a time there where three extrodinery super hero’s. They have powers that nobody could ever destroy them. The courages super hero’s where called Mysterion , kill-buzz and bold-axe. Mysterion is a amazing super hero, he is a wise man that has powers that can read mines , fight and run super fast. Then theres kill-buzz he really killed people’s buzz but inside he was very strong he had powers that could stop anything. He can fly, use his laser vison and he can also run fast. He also has xray vision (He can look through his clothes). One day kill-buzz killed Mysterion buzz bye stoping him run ultra fast by puting a laser beam right in front of him. Last but not least is me, bold-axe.I have meany awesome powers. I can shape shift, fly and i got goku’s power but with more strentgh.One day we took on batman robin and the jo1ker. nobody could believe there eyes. we althought but man and robin where good.But there was no hastle for as we destroyed them in a jepy.

Beep----Beep---Beep, our alarm sounded there was an enemy in site. This was a job for Bold-axe, Kill buzz and Mystrion. As we got to the place we saw villian named Devil man.We were shocked. “Oh not him again” as we all say in bore. We new that we defeated him many times this one would be easy. But wait we aproched him and he had new super powers he could do anything.He was ugly as a troll. We went to attack but he was to strong. We went to put our super powers together and spirt bomb. Devil man back fired and did his super bomb. It was aiming stright at Mysterion. We blocked him, me and kill buzz blocked as. We died but Mysterion flew back to Technical toko’s scuxx factory and stole his broken time machine he quickly fixed it and went back in time. But that didn’t stop devil man he killed me again (FAR  WHAT A WAIST OF TIME). Then he skaned my body and replaced it with his one. My friends thought I killed them but I didn’t.....The end

Monday, September 10, 2012

What If I was a billionaire

If I was a billionaire I would and I could get anything in the world. I will probley get out of my house and go on a shopping spree. I would buy all the clothes I needed from the best clothes shops.  Also I would spend my money on electronics, like an I pad, I pod, Xbox 360 and all the games , A big flat screen TV and many other things. For my family I would get them a new flash car. And the last thing I would buy will probley be is a new house.

If I would change the world I would of. Like make new events and new stadiums. I would pay the primeminster of New Zealand to make a new shoping mall that will be 5 times bigger then Sylvia park. It will probley be called Silver park. It would be like a big shoping mall for everyone to come and enjoy there life style. In that shopping mall ill have all the best company's and brands in there Like Hoyts cinemas, Mc donalds, The warehouse, Foot looker, rebel sports and loads of other things.

If I had to change the way I was with my friends I would. I did try to change the way but everything went so wrong. I went to Technical Toko’s skuxx factory and tyred to use the time machine. I didn’t success because I got napped trying to use it, I didn’t know what to do so I just pressed any button so I pressed the big red button I waited for a minute to do something and it said Self destructing in T minus 3 seconds 3...2.....1... BOOM. I got blow en up and  I quickly got rushed to hospital. Lucky I was still alive but I got arrested for sneaking to a billionaire company.

After three years in Jail I got out I went back to good friend of mine called Matthew. I went to his house and asked for him He was ashamed of me and told me Hurry up I don't want you hear leave. I went to war against Osama Bin Ladin And I won, Everyone thought I was dead and every one was very sad but I was still alive put that didn’t save my best friends Matthew's life. Once He heard about the death of me he got very sick and died of an heart attack.

The very next day I went into hospital. I saw my friend Toko having a heart attack. I didn’t want to do anything because he took me in to the cops so I watched him have an heart attack. I died before him because toko through a knife at me and I died and that was my life of Aidan.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Olympics

On Monday morning I could see classes walking in to the hall. I started to feel a little suspicious.what are doing  today? Once I walked in to the hall I saw everyone lining up in there House colours. That was when I just clicked I new there would be a mini Olympics. I new what the hall would be set up like in the mini Olympics because I had been on of the captains for my team Te Awara. I noticed that One of the leaders for Te Awara 4 was missing so I knew it was me. I jumped up and went to lead team 4.

As we got told that games were about to begin my team stood up and followed me. I told my team to line up in one straight line and they did. I thought they wouldn't have listened to me because I wasn't a teacher and also because I was the same age as most of them. As we were walking I saw my good friend Matthew and his team they were going to Mrs Flaville. As I said later to my mates in that team My team and I headed to The E learning center. We watched old film festival clips. I saw lots of my friends in the video clips. As it was time to leave we said good by and headed to room 17 for our next competition. I wondered what it would of been.                    

As we arrive to room 17 my group an I see other groups doing jump jam with miss M. She was doing many songs. We danced to one song because it was a short time but it was all right. Because my team got 50 points while dancing very good. As the other teams came in it was our time to go again but this time we went in to the hall to do an activity with Mr Burt.

Mr Burt's activity was my favourite one because it was sporty. We had through, run and many other things made it cool. The first thing we did was try and get an tennis ball in to the bucket. The next activity, we had to hula hoop up and down the hall. It was challenging because I wasn't a really good hula hooper.

Overall I thought the day was awesome. My highlight of the day was Mr Burt's Activities because day made me and my team accelerate through out the whole of his session. After all the pressure we got to watch the news in the hall it was all nice and quiet. I hope that we can do another miniolympics later on this year.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cross Country

What an exhausting day running through the slimy mud. On Friday last week we had our school cross country. It is an event that takes place every year in the middle of term 3. It all comes down to this. All the trainings and practices that we have been through. All around us were cheering parents shouting for the children saying “GO SON GO!!” Or they said “GO DAUGHTER GO!!”. It was a great day to have cross country.

As we anxiously waited for Mr Burt to call us up to race, we all talked about what we were going to come and if we were going to run with each other or not. Sitting on the hard court was tiring because the sun came out and made me feel really dehydrated before the race had even begun. After all the hassle waiting for our time to go on the field to race, it finally happened. It was really nerve wracking waiting for Mr Burts wooden clappers, to bang together.

Ready......Set.......BANG! Mr Burts wood clappers joined together as everyone started running. Off we go already past the cone and we were all sprinting hard until...the slimy mud came up and made all of us slow down. It was disgusting because my shoes got really mucky and wet. But that didn’t worry me because I would of got new shoes anyway. As we came up to the first kilometer it started to get really muddy. As I was running I could see lots off my friends getting frustrated and annoyed at the mud. It wasn’t a good day to run on the grass.

Heading into the white stoney path now and I was relieved because I thought there wouldn’t be any more mud. There wasn’t really mud but there were lots of big puddles that were made by rainwater. “OWW” as I say in my head. It was either I go around the puddles and run through the sloshing mud or I just run straight through it and get my shoes wet. It was a decision I had to make so I went around it because my shoes were already muddy. The mud went to my legs and it was terrible.

Once I was in the bush the atmosphere smelled very bad. It smelt like a dog had pooed in the bush. I didn’t really run with anyone in the bush but I saw three of the 13 year old boys pass me. It was Lepa , Kaiden and Havea. That was my time to start going to sprint it all the way and I did.
At the finish line I saw some of my friends there looking really tired and muddy. As I crossed the finish line I was really relieved that we all finished because there would be no more mud. I saw lots of supporters encouraging people when they finished. It wasn’t one of my favourite cross country races. Overall I felt really exhausted and dehydrated. I was really dying for a drink.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is the fastest person alive. He has been known for the world record with the 100 metre sprint and the 200 metre sprint. Usain Bolt hails from Jamaica, a country with lots of athletic people. Usain Bolt is the first person ever to win the 200 metre race twice in two olympics. Every time he wins his heats, and mostly when he wins the gold, he shows a sign of respect by holding up his flag and pointing to the sky.

This year in the London Olympics Usain Bolt’s team won the 400 metre sprints and also beat the world record. Usain’s rival but also his teamate Yohan Blake made a come back for the Jamaican team as they were coming last. Also he won gold in the 100 and 200 metre sprint. He didn’t beat his world record but he did make his country very proud.

Usain Bolt competed in Olympic park a stadium home to London. It held the High Jump, long jump, discus, shot put , 100 and 200 meter sprints, and many other track and field events. Right now the olympics are over closing with a ceremony that was really awesome. It had lots of amazing effects and outstanding fireworks. What a great way to finish the London Olympics 2012.

Friday, August 10, 2012


The game of basketball is a very competitive game for most people. Every Thursday afternoon we go to the courts to play a game of basketball. Our instructors are Tai and Shae. We go to basketball to develop more skills and also have fun. Tai and Shae taught us how to dribble and try not to double dribble. They also told us very complex skills and gave us various challenges.

This term as we play basketball we learn new drills and skills. Some of the skills that we do are easy and some are difficult. At basketball we have lots of fun playing mine basketball games and co-operating with other friends. Our class has been playing with room 15 , to challenge them but also have fun with them.

Basketball has ten men playing on the court. There is a national Basketball competition called NBA. The reason why I like this competition is because it has got all of my favourite players and my favourite teams in it. My favourite player in the NBA are Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and the legendary Micheal Jordan and my favourite team is Boston Celtics.

Our class haven’t had a proper game of  basketball yet but we are sure looking forward to playing.Most of my classmates are ready to play a game of basketball and the others still need time to work on some skills.

Overall I think that the basketball every Thursday is awesome because we get to learn lots of skills. I can not wait tell we go again, maybe one day I will be a famous basketball player.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Mahe Drysdale is a New Zealand rower. He is one of the best rowers in the world. In the previous olympics he got a bronze medal. In the world championships he came 1st in nearly all his races except one.He came 2nd in the 2010 World Champs in Karapiro. Right now he is in the finals for the rowers single sculls. In his semi final he beat his opponents by coming first and that was how he qualified to the finals.

Another team that made NZ proud was the two kiwis who have just won the gold for the men’s double sculls. Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan won NZs first gold medal at the Olympics.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The winning shot

1. The womans football team goes wild as they get the winning shot.

2.As the team gets the goal they are full of happiness and satisfaction.

3. These girls jump with joy as they are overwhelmed winning the grand final.

4.After all the presure they can finaly celebrate with lots of excitment and celebrate as new champions.

5. The coach was very proud but also excited that they won.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Archery and wrestling

1.This man is targeting  the board with confidence, aiming to get the board and gold.

2.The archer is pulling with all his strength to hit the circled coloured board.

3. The archer is straning his hardest to go fo gold.

4.Focused and ready to let go of the string as he remebers that getting a medal would mean everything for him.

5. You can really tell that the archer is focusing to get a bullseye because his faceaul features really tell.

1.The professional wrestlers are grappling to see who can win the gold.

2.The Albanian man is struggling to fight back.

3.Anxiously the Chinese man waited for the right moment to make his opponent tap out.

4.As you can see the Chinesse man is overcoming his challenger by trying to make it difficult for him to win.

5.The powerful man is pulling with all his strength to make his rival quit.

Friday, July 27, 2012

the london olympics

This year the olympic games are held in the majestic city London.The starting ceremony well be held in the Olympic park stadium. London well be the first ever city to host 3 Olympic games.There well be many athletes that will be competing in the Olympics but the fans well most probably want to see is the gold medal winners like Usain Bolt, Micheal Phelps and many more gold medalists. China got the most medals in the last Olympics so they will probably try to do it again.

The sports in the olympics are held in diffrent beautiful venues. The olympics have many sports but one that I really want to talk about is the 100 meter sprints. A Jamaican athlete named Usain Bolt dominated the sprints for a couple of years now by coming first in his races.9.58 was his world record. This year I think that usain bolt might come 1st he might not because he has new tough oppnents.

Another sport that i am also looking foward to is the woman’s shot put. The reason why I choose this because one of or Nz athlete (Valerie Adams) is the best in the shot put throw in the world.It was a wopping 21.24. I think she well take home the gold again.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Math Whizz

My Holidays

In the holidays it was very boring for me because all I did was stay home and play games. Except one day. Thursday was one of my favourite days in the holidays because I went to the movie's. What was good was I went with my good friend Shawn. I was really excited to go because I haven't gone to the movie's for quite a while. We went to go see the amazing Spider-Man and it was really amazing.

Also in the holidays most of my time was spent at the Internet cafe playing computer games. I met a lot of my friends when I was there. I enjoyed playing  some of the games there but the game that was awesome was Modern Warfare 2. It is a shooting game that involves playing with friends online and terminating people. In that game I was going great, I got heaps of points and came out coming first place. 

The rest of the holidays wasn't cool  for me because I was watching and playing games as usual. But the problem was there was nothing to watch and there was nothing to play because I had already clocked most of the games. One of the games that kept me going through out the whole holiday was Halo Reach. It is another shooting game but your player is in a suit and you are versing aliens.

So through out the holidays I was sort of bored. It felt like a really short holidays but it was alright because I really wanted to go back to school and see all my friends again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Valerie Adams is one of the most popular Olympian in the world. She is known for the longest  shot put throw in the world. It was a whopping 21.24 meter throw. It all started when she was in high school. She was taking part in a school competition for shot put when a lady named Kirsten Hellier she is the one who started Valerie Adams career. In 1999 she came tenth in the world championship.Now she is the best shot putter in the world.Well that's what I think

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aidan Art work

My special place is my brothers room. I choose this place because it is was one of my favourite places to be and because it makes me fell happy and it lets me kick back and relax. In the photo of my room there is a TV that is not very big but in my painting it looks big.It also shows a bed in it and the things I like to do around in his netbook it (Like the Xbox).The colours that I have choosen for the colours are mostly brown , a creamy colour , light blue and black. The room represents what I like to do when I am inside.

The artist that I choose to do for my artwork is Vincent Van Gogh.Van Gogh is a Expressnism aartist.I choose him because he drew a bedroom that looked sort of like mine.The colours in it so so my job was to use very dull colours. To make it look just like van gogh’s style I have to put more layers and try to make it sort of relistic. I am going to use little brush strokes to complete my art work. The most colours that I most probley use was brown and the most colour that I mixed was White.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Term 2 Reflection

This term was very awesome. The topic was art alive and it was great because we got to do lots of artwork. We did artwork in style of Henri Matisse , Van Gogh, Pablo picasso , Daniella Hulme and Cloude Monet. we had rotations early in the term of how to draw like the artists that i said before. One of my favourite artist isVan Gogh because he uses little brushstrokes.

My favourite subject was maths because I got better and better.I think that the one I didn’t like the most in this term was reading because I didn’t really get to do it much and I didn’t get much better. I think this term was one of my favourite terms.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aidan Every Man

Everyman is not really a super hero. He is homer Simpson off the simpson’s. He got the roll for playing homer in (season 21 the first episode). The super power of every man is he obsorbes the power of any comic book in site. Every man was made bye the comic book guy in the Simpsons. Bart and Milhouse discovered when they went  to bye a comic book. They read it and said it was great.So it went to every comic book store in spring field and shelbyville.

Once upon a time there was a ordinary guy his name was Homer. he was living his normal life like being lazy.He work’s at a powerplant in springfeild.He has 2 children and a wife. One day it was pooring with rain and had thunder he was running home from work when he got struck by thunder and got very powerful. He was in hospital with all his friends and family suronding him. they were very happy he was a live. he didn’t notice his power untill one day he was reading a comic book that had Green Lantern on it he put his hand on the front cover to flip the page when he turned into green lantern. “Ahh” he said as he turned in to it. “Wow I’m a super hero” and that was when he noticed he was a superhero. To be continued

Friday, June 15, 2012

Dead Pool

Today I am writing to tell you some facts and talk about one of my favourite villains of all time. His name is Deadpool.Deadpool first appeared in The New Mutants #98 (February 1991). But for me I first saw him In Marvel vs Capcom 3. I played the game 2 weeks ago and Deadpool was one of my Favourite guys.His weapons that he uses is Two Guns and Two swords. His Rival’s are Dante (From Devil my cry), X-man and Magneto( X-man) . With all the Talent with his gun’s and swords he is a very cocky man that likes to play dirty.

Once upon a time there was a villain called DeadPool. Guns and swords are his specialty. He is a cocky boy that has trouble with the law. One day he went to go see what was happening up in the town center when he meet another super hero whose name was Dante. He had the same skills as Deadpool except one thing. He wasn’t wearing a mask. He was open to letting people know who he was. They looked eye to eye. You could tell they were getting ready to pull out their swords and start battling each other. They fought together for a couple of hours and that was when they got very tired.
To be continued

Friday, June 1, 2012


Thursday afternoon’s is one of my favourite times of the day. This is because it is Kiwi Kick or another way to say it is AFL. AFL is sport that involves a team with 18 people. It is sort of like rugby league but it  Our instructors for Kiwi kick is Sam but we call him samwich and Micheal.

Each and every Thursday we learn new and improved skills.Before we even start we have to train and warm up. The warming up,training and doing some drills. In the warming up time we play some very interesting games that we have played before and games we have not played before.

Week 1 of AFL and we have all ready started learning new and improved skills.The important skill that we are learning to accomplice is drop punting, passing and lases away from faces.After all the skill learning we moved on to play a game. The game was all about aim.We had to hit our teacher. I tryed and almost got her but i didn’t.

Week 2 and were all ready into the training and the quick warm up games.We played a game that involves tagging people.I got in most of the time but it was alright because I tagged lots of people.After all the tagging we played a game of bull rush. Well it was like bull rush but the teachers and children that were in had to through the ball at the person who was running.

Loads of the games were fun and I am looking forward to go again next week.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tonga Time

Every Friday there is a rotation around the year 7 and 8 block. This is called tonga time, a time were we can develope new skills and learn new things.Tonga time is held after morning tea all the way to lunch.One of the subjects that i am learning is how to play hockey by knowing all the rules and noing how to play.

It was the very first day of tonga time and my name got called out to go to Mr Barks class. At first i didn’t no what we were going to do inside me it looked like it was going to cool term. Walking into the classroom i saw a logo of a hoockey rank.I thought to my self “YEAH WERE PLAYING HOCKEY”. There was a problem do, we had to Learn the rules and how to play.

Week one we didn’t really play much because we did our planing and learnt how to draw a hockey pit. We drew and coloured in our favourite teams in to the center ciricle. After that we went out side to pratice our skills with the hockey stick’s.It was really fun and i got one in.

It was week two and i was very excited because Mr Barks said that we were going to go down to tamaki college to learn new technique's and play a thew hockey games. Playing the game was cool because my team that i was in won all our games.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comparing Picasso and Hulme

This week we are comparing and contrasting two unique artists, Pablo Picasso and Daneilla Hulme. These two painters have different styles from each other. Picasso is a cubism artist that paints from different perspectives and Hulme is a contemporary artist that enjoys painting wtih bright colours and using different patterns. The paintings that we are comparing and contrating today is ‘The Weeping Woman’ by Picasso and ‘ A Lazy Day In Paradise’ from Daniella Hulme.

When I look at ‘The Weeping Woman’ it shows that when he drew this picture ither he was very sad or the person he was painting was sad. This painting mostly has different types of yellow in it.When you look at this picture you can see a dull type of yellow and a bright yellow. Looking at this painting doesn’t make me sad or doesn’t make happy ether.

Looking at the ‘Lazy Day In Paradise’ makes me feel happy by all the bright and beautiful colours that stand out. Hulme doesn’t just use bold bright colours she also uses nice patterns. These patterns are tropical patterns because she is happily married to a samoan man.This painting obviously makes me feel really relaxed and happy.

‘The Weeping Woman’ and “A Lazy Day In Paradise” are two different artwork by to different people. ‘The weeping woman’ show’s the texture in the colour is not as bright as ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ colours.But In the ‘The Lazy Day In Paradise’ Doesn’t Have much detail from ‘The Weeping Woman’.

My final thought about these two extraordinary people that drew extraordinary things. What I have to say about these two artist is that they are very good artists who inspire younger audiences to paint more and more.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

comparing and contrasting

This week for our writing we were told to compare and contrast two very famous artists, Van Goghs ‘Sunflowers’ and Henri Matisse’s ‘La Musique’. Van Gogh and Matisse are very different artists. Van Goghs style of art was Expressionism and Henri Matisses style of art was Fauvism.

Van Gogh was born in Holland. Most of his life he was miserable and even he cut his own ear off and sent it to his girl friend. He created lots of paintings but he only sold one for $1000 dollars. When he died his paintings became famous because his sister sold his art and convinced people  to buy it.

‘Sunflowers’ has a lot of yellow in it. Yellow is thought of as a happy colour. When I look at this painting I feel happy because I like the colour yellow and I like flowers. Some of the flowers look dead in the painting because they are hanging down. I think Van Gogh felt sad when he was painting them.

‘La Musique’ This painting has more brighter colours then ‘sunflowers’. Unlike Van Gogh, Matisse used firm painting strokes instead of little solid strokes like Van gogh. What I like about this painting is it show’s some detail in it. The colours that he used in this painting were blue, yellow, red and a little bit of white. I think that Matisse felt very proud  painting this picture.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Alive Rotation

The topic for this term is art alive, and this term we are studying about some interesting artist and also doing some painting like them.To do that we had to rotate from class to class each and every day to do this.

On the first day of the term we stayed in our own class and learned how to draw like Henri Matisse. His technique was fauvism.We drew one of his famous art from around the world, the La Musique. First we sketched it to, then we coloured it in with pastel make the picture stand out.

The next day we headed over to Mrs Nua’s class, room 22. Were we learned about Van Gogh and is art of flowers. His technique was expressionism.We used primary colours to paint the flowers. The very first step we did was take or get a picture of the flower from Mrs Nua, but the twist was we had to take a close up of the photo. So that meant we had to draw all the details of the flower and also mange all the mixing and the texture in the paint. It was allot of fun but i didn’t get to complete it.

After the day after that, we walked over to Mr Barks class to draw as Picasso and to learn his style of art. His style of art was called cubism. He had a very strange way of drawing. He used to draw people or things buy a different perspective. What I mean is when he drew he always use to look to the side of there head or the bird’s eye view.

On the Friday of that week we went to Mr Slade in room 19 and did painting from Monet Mazur. I don't no her style but i no that she was one of the best ones for me. I drew a waterfall but it didn't look
like her drawing.

And finally the last day we went to Mrs Squires. I don't no who the artist was or there style of art but all I know is that it was pretty cool drawing about it. We drew aye bowl of fruit but we had to zoom in again and draw the remaining fruit we could see. The start of this term  was great with all the rotations to different classes and the art going on.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My holidays

In the holiday's I had allot of fun. The first day of the holiday's was really cool because  I went with Shawn and his dad in his truck to Hamilton. I was very nervous going because I didn't no what time I would get back to Auckland. Once we were on the motorway, that was when I got really nervous but also really excited to. The nervous part of me went when I called up my home and said that I was heading down to Hamilton, and that was when I got my hopes up.

After a while at the road we finally made it to our first Countdown.We took about 5-10 minutes to unload. In between that time I went into the actual countdown to by me a bag of chips because I was starving.Once we left the countdown we went to was Cambridge about a 5 minute drive from Hamilton.

When we were driving back I saw all the super car racing tracks.It was cool to see it because I was wondering what day the cars were racing.We stoped at a local fish & chip shop to stop for something to eat.When we were driving back to Auckland Me and Shawn had a little sleep until we got back to our hometown. It was really cool and I would really like to do it again.
This is my mihimihi about my personal life. Hope you enjoy

Friday, March 23, 2012

cooking an egg (camp Day 2) Hobo Egg

In this photo it shows an egg. But it is no ordinary egg, it is an egg cooked on a hobo stove. The egg was created by a big can for the pan, a box of matches to light the can. In this challenge you had to have groups, so in my group was Joshua, Max, Cilas, Hossanah and me also you needed sticks and a fire starter to make the egg burn.This challenge was the second challenge in the amazing race. And our group pretty much won the egg challenge.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp Concert Night

It was camp concert night, the night where all camp group performances were to be held in the hall on the stage. I wasn’t really excited about the dancing this year because we had to do jump jam songs which was sort of boring. At the end of the concert we came 5th place. Our dance moves were not too great but our guts and heart to go on the stage was great. The MC of the day was Mr Bark’s.There were six teams that were performing.

The first performance was from the group Team Respect. They were talented and they were very good at their dancing. After three or two groups had come on it was our groups turn to head on up to the stage.

It was very nerve-wracking to see all my friends and the audience staring at me. We did the ‘sne sni snappy’ song and thats what got my confidence up. Once that song ended we left with the song called ‘hot hot hot’. I was trying to be funny on stage by mocking my friend Joe and his eyebrows. Some people laughed and some people didn’t. When all the groups finished it came down to the voting. Unfortunately we came 5th but at least we came somewhere.

Also that night they gave out awards and certificates. Some of my friends got awards like Matthew he got two awards and my friend Kaiden he got best roller blader. But for me I got Best camp cook and I was very happy. The awards were given in between the items of the groups, so I was very suprised about getting and award. What I liked about that night was having fun on stage and winning a award.

Friday, March 16, 2012

camp day 3

On every last day off camp’s there is a little treat installed for use, And that was going to the Panmure pools, or as known as Swimaramma. It was lots of fun because the hydroslide and boming pool was open. I was mostly on the bombing pool doing bomb’s. In this photo you can see me jumping off the board doing aye bomb.

After all the fuss with the hydro slide and bombing pool , one of New zealands popular leauge team. The WARRIORS!!! As soon as they walked in every one was shouting charnting out warriors, warriors. It was awesome to see them and some of my favourite players came and that was Shaun Johnson , Manu vatuvei and Kevin Locke. Once they came all of them went for a swim and even Manu Vatuvei did a V bomb in the water.

Once they left every one went back to doing our own thing and and i went to the normal pool to play games with my friends Joshua , Matthew R and Tana. It was lots of fun playing with them because we were playing wrestliing in the water. 10 minutes to go before we left and i did my last bomb and my last slide down the water slide.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Soft ball day!!!

Yesterday on Tuesday the 28th of Febuary our year 8 and 7 boys softball team headed down to Tamaki intermidiate to have a softball tournement. Unfourtunetly The year 8 softball team didn’t come back with the easternzone cup but the year 7’s did. Our team couch for the year 8’s was Ross. She was a good couch and made us come fourth. We challenged many teams ,Some games we lost and some games we won. The team kept smashing the ball and catching it to,to qulifiy for the semi final’s. One of the hardest teams that we faced was Ellerslie intermediate. They were very competitive to face off.So right her iam going to tell you about what happend on he Tuesday the 28th of Febuary(SOFTBALL DAY).

Once we arrived to our destination (Tamaki intermidiate) we found a spot to sit down and warm up. We warmed up for quite a long time and then finaly our couch ross came and said to us to line up and walk to the courts for a talk from the head person of the softball that day. He told us some rules for the game , but the most important rule for that day was to have fun and play fair.

The first team that we challenged was Parnell District.They were very hard with the ball but we still came out on top. The secound game we was against were St Heliars. We got even better Hitting the ball and also catching it. I have to say i was very impressed of Joe because he hit it far far away nearly to the fourth field. That game we frashed them 12-3 it was a shocking game.The next round was Ellireslie and thats when we got a competitive team. This game was very hard because there team was fast and they had a good team. In that game we lost i think it was for two but it was a hell of a ride. The last team try and stop us qulify to the semi’s was Sylvia park. But the no way they could stop us.

We made it to the semi’s to go againest Church hill Park And they were another challenging team to face off. We lost that game 9-11 but that was a very close game. After the semi’e we played for thrid and fourth challenging Ellerslie again. Losing that game was very sad to us but still we came fourth in the easternzone and also we had fun.