Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my letter home

Dear Mum
How are you? Hope you are well.Any way, I am to you to tell you how I am doing in My learning in the school. One of the things that has been a good highlight for me so far is my friends . Playing with the is so cool. we play Hand ball and It’s real cool. But the bad thing is I always get beaten.
Playing with friends is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Having A Netbook is like having 1million dollars. The good things about it is you can
do enything Like education or even have free time. I had got snaped playing gsmes with a thew class mates . But A good thing is I can steal do my education. That is why a net book’s are great.

I hoped you enjoyed reading.
Thank you
Your sincerly Aidan.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Amazing Part one Of Camp Take Charge

Wow, another camp. This year it’s going to be called TC or Take Charge camp. I was ready and focused for the 3 days of joy. The group that I was in was the RESPECTABLEZ!!!!! Our team leaders were Feki and Shontal. This year was going to be great. It was my first time being a year seven and going to camp as a year seven. This was going to be exciting.

The first camp meeting was on Wednesday, in the afternoon. That was how I was chosen to be in the RESPECTABLEZ. We had to make chant for our group. It sounded cool. After that we played game which you can’t touch the ground and you have to make it the end of the hall. I was so squashed,I almost fell off my chair, but then when we almost finished Mr Barks said stop.

I think that the Respectablez are going to be good. RESPECTABLEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part one of camp
In the morning as I woke up at exactly 7:00 am ready for a wonderful day I was packed and loaded. Once I had my breakfast and brushed my teeth I had walked out the door saying bye bye.
Once I had arrived at school I had been located to the hall to put down my bag.

After the discussion I had seen my mum with a bag bag of lunch. I looked into my bag, damn! I had left my lunch at home. Thankfully my mum had brought it. I wouldn’t know what to do if I had no lunch.

Wow! we had started moving to our activities . The first destination that we had gone to was Kayaking, it was really fun. The first thing I had to do was go on Mr Molleys boat. It was going so fast I nearly fell off. After the boat I went on the Kayak, it was a one seater. I had a race with Joe but he won and I got beaten because I was tired.
I had gone for a swim, it was freezing cold in the water. Joe and I tried to tip peoples kayaks over. I got Joe off the kayak and I was laughing. When I jumped on one he tipped me over and he started laughing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

This is a cool picture of me using gimp. I took a picture of myself then put on gimp to fix it up. it looked cool.And it was fun doing it.