Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Archery and wrestling

1.This man is targeting  the board with confidence, aiming to get the board and gold.

2.The archer is pulling with all his strength to hit the circled coloured board.

3. The archer is straning his hardest to go fo gold.

4.Focused and ready to let go of the string as he remebers that getting a medal would mean everything for him.

5. You can really tell that the archer is focusing to get a bullseye because his faceaul features really tell.

1.The professional wrestlers are grappling to see who can win the gold.

2.The Albanian man is struggling to fight back.

3.Anxiously the Chinese man waited for the right moment to make his opponent tap out.

4.As you can see the Chinesse man is overcoming his challenger by trying to make it difficult for him to win.

5.The powerful man is pulling with all his strength to make his rival quit.

Friday, July 27, 2012

the london olympics

This year the olympic games are held in the majestic city London.The starting ceremony well be held in the Olympic park stadium. London well be the first ever city to host 3 Olympic games.There well be many athletes that will be competing in the Olympics but the fans well most probably want to see is the gold medal winners like Usain Bolt, Micheal Phelps and many more gold medalists. China got the most medals in the last Olympics so they will probably try to do it again.

The sports in the olympics are held in diffrent beautiful venues. The olympics have many sports but one that I really want to talk about is the 100 meter sprints. A Jamaican athlete named Usain Bolt dominated the sprints for a couple of years now by coming first in his races.9.58 was his world record. This year I think that usain bolt might come 1st he might not because he has new tough oppnents.

Another sport that i am also looking foward to is the woman’s shot put. The reason why I choose this because one of or Nz athlete (Valerie Adams) is the best in the shot put throw in the world.It was a wopping 21.24. I think she well take home the gold again.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Math Whizz

My Holidays

In the holidays it was very boring for me because all I did was stay home and play games. Except one day. Thursday was one of my favourite days in the holidays because I went to the movie's. What was good was I went with my good friend Shawn. I was really excited to go because I haven't gone to the movie's for quite a while. We went to go see the amazing Spider-Man and it was really amazing.

Also in the holidays most of my time was spent at the Internet cafe playing computer games. I met a lot of my friends when I was there. I enjoyed playing  some of the games there but the game that was awesome was Modern Warfare 2. It is a shooting game that involves playing with friends online and terminating people. In that game I was going great, I got heaps of points and came out coming first place. 

The rest of the holidays wasn't cool  for me because I was watching and playing games as usual. But the problem was there was nothing to watch and there was nothing to play because I had already clocked most of the games. One of the games that kept me going through out the whole holiday was Halo Reach. It is another shooting game but your player is in a suit and you are versing aliens.

So through out the holidays I was sort of bored. It felt like a really short holidays but it was alright because I really wanted to go back to school and see all my friends again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Valerie Adams is one of the most popular Olympian in the world. She is known for the longest  shot put throw in the world. It was a whopping 21.24 meter throw. It all started when she was in high school. She was taking part in a school competition for shot put when a lady named Kirsten Hellier she is the one who started Valerie Adams career. In 1999 she came tenth in the world championship.Now she is the best shot putter in the world.Well that's what I think