Monday, July 19, 2010

Term 3 Mighty Mariners

"At last the holidays are over and term three has started" I said excitedly ready to see every one again.It felt really short.

Once the bell rang every one lined up ready to go to assembly. we had said hello to all our friends did you have a nice holiday and some said yes and some just said it was normal.

Ring Ring Ring the bell rang as I quickly dashed though the door ready for assembly.

As we sat down we saw loads of teachers dressed up in pirate suits , viking suits and heaps more. First it was Mr Burt. He had shown us the amazing trip he had in America. He had gone to lots of citys there.

After he was finished team one was ready to go on stage but the thing was that it was a movie thatt showed. It was about the polynesian people coming to New Zealand.

"Team two It's your turn now"Mr Burt anounced to the school. One of them were a pirate and the other one was Captain cook.