Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My favourite toy

Your task this week is to write about your favourite toy. It could be something from your childhood when you were little, or it could be about a favourite toy that you have now.

Use this plan to help you:

* My favourite toy is my Xbox 360......because.......It is the toy that had made me happy since 2009.

* My favourite toy looks/sounds like......(describe in detail what your favourite toy looks like or sounds like) My toy looks like a big white box. it also has a cd opner so when you want to play a game you can press the button on the side or just use the controller to open it.

* My favourite toy makes me feel Happy.....because It was the only toy that i liked....or reminds me of those old playstation that i used to play when i was young.

* The best memories I have of my favourite toy are when I clocked Halo reach and also when I played all blacks rugby challenge ......because...... it was cool.

When I was young in 2009 (8 or 9 years old) I discovered the new console game, the Xbox 360. This is my favourite toy because it can play lots of other games. If you get bored of the game you’re playing you can just choose another game. Also it has some of my most favourite games on it that you can play.

The Xbox 360 was made in 2005. Right now over 70 million copies of the Xbox 360 has been sold all around the world and luckily I am one of the 70 million people that has bought one.

My favourite game on the Xbox 360 will probably be ‘Halo Reach’. The reason why I like this game is because it has lot of levels that you can do and also it made me happy when I was bored and had nothing to do. This game is one of those games where you can shoot and run around. It involves aliens, humans and humans in big robot suits.

Another great game that I have played Is ‘All Blacks Rugby Challenge’. It is a rugby game that has my favourite team for rugby, the All Blacks! I like this game because it has great graphics, good game play and it has lots of competitions to play. One of those competition is the ‘ITM Cup’ my favourite one to play. This is because it has nearly all the rugby New Zealand people in it which is awesome.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My narrattive writing

“Ahh!” I say in terror “We’re lost”. Lets go back to the beginning of my story. It all started when me and four friends ( Matthew,Toko, Jephte and Aidan) went for a walk through the bush.

As we went in to the creepy old bush we saw people walking on the footpath just either going for a stroll or running with their dog. It all seemed naturally amazing. But as we got near the middle of the track Matthew needed to use the toilet. But there was no toilet to be seen so he went into the bushes. He went really far in and took ages so we went to go and look for him. We found him by an old tree walking back to the path. When all went wrong we had forgotten the way back to the track. “Ahhr” I say in terror “We’re lost”. We went too far in. As we looked for the track it started to spit. And after a while it was pouring down with rain. We all shout out “HELP” but there was no one that could hear us.

We all walked slowly and we stuck together. As we were walking through the wet bush I saw my mates Jephte and Toko with there clenching fists and big knuckles hanging out, looking like they were going to give Matthew a good punch. He was the one that went too far in the bush. All of us all wanted to punch him but we couldn’t because we knew he was the toughest. But as we got to a big tree there was shelter. So we went under there. As it hit dark we could hear a noise. It was quite a big noise and it was heading towards us. We all got really scared and started running away but it was too late we had been caught. But luckily as we opened our eyes to see who it was, it was a policeman that had come to rescue us. ”Phew” what a relief.

As we were walking back to the track we saw lights and we knew where this policeman knew where he was going. We asked how he knew that we were lost. He replied “Your mother called us and said that you guys were missing”. We all learnt our lesson to never go deep into the bush again!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Narrative

Once upon a time there was a family of four. In the family there was The dad and his wife. Also there is the married couples daughter, son and a dog named TokoToko. The dad’s name was Aidan. He was an amauter painter trying to paint their house walls because it was his day off.
The wifes name was Shawnaly. She was a couch potatoe, She didn’t have a job and she didn’t do any choirs. The daughter was pregnent already aged as 18 years old.Her name is joshuly And then there’s the little boy named Matthew. He goes to ptengland school.

One day Aidan was painting his house with his favourite colour (Aqua Blue). When he rolled some paint on to the wall he noticed it was really wet and it came the paint was dripping down the wall really fast. after a couple of strokes with the roller he accidentally dripped lots of paint on his face. As he was trying to rub his face with a cloth his family cracked up laughing at him. The paint had already dried up couldn’t see any thing but he called still hear and talk. so he asked the little boy (Matthew) to read the paint bucket and asked him what it said on the can. He said with laughter “It said Super fast drying and permanent paint”.”Ohh no” he said with shock.What am I going to do now.

He tryed his hardest to rub the paint of with soap and a cloth but it didn’t work. His family tryed to get the paint of but it didn’t work ether. So he decided to call the company that he brought (Technical Toko’s Scuxx Factory) to solve his problem. He made the call and asked for the manger. Once he waited for the manger he Finlay answered and said “Hello what can I do for you to day”and as they  went on and on about his problems with the paint  on his face. He didn’t get any good answers so he got really mad and started peeling off the paint off his face. But he only peeled on little part and said Ouch. It ripped some skin of his face. He was really getting frustrated.

As he was sitting down he heard the little boy still reading the bucket. The man asked if there was any why to take of the paint off his face, and then he said yes there is away. Few He said with enjoyment. He did what the bucket said to do and it came off.