Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nonsence poem

The little boy went to the loo,
he noticed what he did was blue,
he was very sad,
so he called his dad,
Poor little boy worried about his ......!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Potatoe chips

George Crum invented Potato Chips in 1853. It was an accidental invention because his customer was waiting for French fries and Crum made them too thick. So he made nice thin crispy chips, and that's how he came up with the brilliant idea of making Potato Chips.

Crum was born in 1822, he was the son of a mulatto jockey and an Indian maid. His invention was made when he was 31. His death in 1914 was a tragic event for all his family and his chip making ended.

Crum opened his own restaurant, featuring Potato Chips in a basket placed on every table. When time past chips went world wide selling in dairy's and in grocery store. Potato Chips now have awesome flavours like chicken, sour cream, BBQ, ready salted and much much more flavours.

George Crum’s Potato Chip created an easy to eat snack food that is enjoyed by many people. His accidental invention changed what people eat. (accessed 22/06/2011) (accessed 22/06/2011) 23/06/2011)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Martin’s Jet pack
A kiwi engineer Glen Martin has created an awesome jet pack that can go 5000ft above sea level or even higher. It could even go higher then the Canterbury planes.

The news appeared first on TV 1 on Sunday.

U.S media thought it was a joke. Martin wasn’t happy, so he talked about what the jet pack can do Like it can go were helicopters can’t go.Like throw trees and it is good for rescuing people.

When the invention was made he tested for its safety. so he tested it with a dummy, as he had a remote control to fly it with. When the jet pack was successful he took it for a test flight and went a massive 1500m high.