Friday, November 9, 2012

Crossbow Instructions

How to make a crossbow

Materials to use for this creation
-10 pieces of paper
-3 Popsicle sticks

Step 1: Get 4 pieces of paper then fold them in half (long ways).

step 2:Then cut them in half.

step 3: Roll the pieces of paper when cut in half (Long ways). roll with a pencil in the middle.

step 4:once you do that quickly stick sellotape to the rolls of paper to make it stay.

step 5: stick the Popsicle sticks in the sides of the rolled up piece of paper.

step 6: then bend the piece of paper so that it looks curved .

step 7: Then get the 5 pieces of paper then roll it again. (don't cut anything,short ways)

step 8:  Then sellotape it together to make it stick

step 9: after that put the long rolled up piece of paper in the middle of the two bended rolled up paper and sellotape it.

step 10: then get the string and tie it up to the Popsicle stick on both sides.

step 11: then sellotape it to make it stick.

step 12:then cut a hole near the end of the long rolled of paper.

step 13: cut half of a Popsicle stick and then cut it in to a small cut in half piece.

step 14: stick it in to the hole that was cut at the end of the long rolled up paper.

step 15: grab the last paper and fold it in to 4 and roll it. sellotape it

step 16:then stick it in the front and sellotape.

step 17: once that's done put the pencil in the hole and see if can through well

step 18: then pull the string back where the mini Popsicle stick piece is and make it hold on it.

step 19 when your finished pull the min Popsicle stick back and watch the pencil go flying


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