Monday, December 3, 2012

My netbook refliction

This year using my net book was great. Learning with them was great because we got to learn about new things on the Internet. In my opinion i think that's this year for using net books was great for learning with maths, writing and other subjects,and if you need help you have the Internet to use and there's allot of site to look upon.

The wireless this year, I would say that it wasn’t really great because it keeped on turn off and on but still it was really fast. I would say that last years Internet slightly better but this year was better year of learning.

My net book has changed my learning in allot of ways. It has made me learn new thing s and also I don't have to writ in my book. Another way it has helped me is how if you don't no what to do you can search up sites to help you with your work.

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